Tikona Customer Care Number, Email & Broadband Helpline Numbers

Tikona Customer Care Numbers

Tikona is a well known brand for its broadband service. They have service running in various cities of India. Unfortunately, people often complained about poor service and connectivity. If you are one of those person suffering for issue, then you might want to have tikona customer care number handy so you can reach them out. Unfortunately, they are not very active on social media so contacting them via social media is not the best solution. All Tikona customer care numbers are shared here! Internet is a significant service used by millions of people.

Hence we have shared here customer care numbers of one of the leading internet provider. Individual lists of all Tikona customer care numbers, toll free numbers and email address will make your search easy. Leading internet service provider offers seamless service in Mumbai and other regions of country. The numbers we have shared here are available all hours of the day to serve for any query and complain. through this post you can check the details of godrej customer care. If you wish to contact Tikona for any information and issue related to your internet account, call on these numbers. Tikona broadband customer care helpline numbers are given here.

You can call on these numbers for billing information, payment of bills and details of new plans. Their 24 x 7 working helpline number will help you to contact at your leisure hours too. Tikona Digital Network’s post-paid services are currently available in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jabalpur, Agra, Indore, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Lucknow, Allahabad, Bhopal, Pune, Raipur, Kolkata, Surat, Vadodara, Varanasi, Rajkot, Jaipur, Meerut, Vizag and Nagpur.

Tikona Customer Care

Tikona Customer Care and Toll Free Numbers

We have listed below customer care numbers you can contact for different reasons.

  • Customer care number: 022 40629629
  • For non-technical queries: 022-6119 1700
  • For technical queries: 022-6174 9700
  • Advanced technical support: 022-33998888

Tikona Toll Free Helpline Number

Call on following toll free number to make free calls for any query related to your broadband account.

Toll Free Numbers:

  • 1 800 209 4276
  • 1 800 209 0044
  • 1 860 3000 3434

Tikona Email IDs

Your mails to the following IDs will be replied by customer care support executives.

Tikona Customer Care Number

Tikona Customer Care Nos. Region wise

Find below the numbers of prominent regions in country for better communication with your service provider. The services of Tikona is the best you can compare with Tata Photon care. which is also provide the best services.You can contact your nearest Tikona’s centre by calling on these numbers.

Cities Contact Number


Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Shola, Nasik 022 – 6604 7373
Noida 011 – 4313 8200
Hyderabad, Guntur, Vijaywada, Vizag 040 – 4000 0216
Bangalore 080 – 4036 7777
Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Rajkot 079 – 4050 4501
Surat 0261 402 7074
Chennai, Coimbatore, Kochi, Madurai, Tiruchirappally and Pondicherry 044 – 4344 1553
Delhi, Kanpur, Varanasi, Meerut, Agra, Allahabad, Kota, Jaipur, Lucknow 011 – 4313 8200
Indore, Jabalpur, Raipur, Bhopal 0731 – 401 3900
Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar 033 – 4404 5502


Tikona’s internet services are serving large number of customers in top cities of India. It holds 4G spectrum licences for Gujarat, UP, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

Founded in 2008, Tikona soon created a largest customer base which includes small and medium business enterprises. This post will help users of Tikona to contact its customer support. Besides Tikona customer care numbers, you can also get customer care numbers for other broadband service providers. Search our site for major telecom giants contact details including Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea, GTPL, MTNL and BSNL. icustomercare.in also provides contact numbers and toll free numbers of other service providers including banks, mobile network providers, DTH and courier and distribution companies.

Tikona Social Profiles :

  • fb page https://www.facebook.com/TikonaIndia
  • youtube Axis Bank https://www.youtube.com/user/TikonaIndia

103 thoughts on “Tikona Customer Care Number, Email & Broadband Helpline Numbers

  1. Totally bad customer care service. Please improve it. Otherwise it will create a bad impression in customers mind.

    1. I am frastrate with Tikona people first improve this and then do marketing. I am telling my friends and they are ready to disconnect it.

    1. Tikona may stop operation as pine operation had failed and net connection is not able to get restored since last 10 days. No one bother to fix even after 30 support calls, good, luck to all customers using Tikona broadband in pine and Maharashtra

    2. Worst customer service on my life. My device is not working since yesterday and registered complaint no answer yet. I think tikona should shut down the service


  2. I have a problem I didn’t know suddenly it didn’t show any signals and login page I complain 4 before yet it didn’t clear worst service…

  3. I have complaint since last 2months n my complain still not solved by them n in fact they asking for the payment which is not possible for me give .and the worst thing is the person who comes to collect the bill name NARENDER SANTARAM YADAV miss behaved wt me n he does not know how to talk to ladies he saying me I won’t pay the bill then see wht I will do wt u and saying I will take u to court this is the thing wt Tikona device people. Pls don’t ever go wt Tikona service

  4. Ridiculous internet services from tikona..ridiculous customer care support…
    wasted thousands of rupees…raised so many complaints but no one listened. Finally I had to take decision to close my account.

    Raised a request to close my account well before billing date..but Tikona didn’t close the account on time and charged hundreds of rupees even when I didn’t use the services. The real mental torture from tikona. Will never go for it and will suggest everyone not to go for it.

  5. Dear Sir

    It seems to be a financial fraud. Whether at your end or by any third person in between.

    Please look in to matter urgently otherwise I am going to lodge Police complain and Inform Regulatory Authorities and Security forces too because any one might used your network for anti-National activities.

    This happened with me last month too. So Urgently check it, otherwise only you people will be responsible for any misuse.

    The story is as:

    1.I have 15 gb plan for internate at speed of 4 mbps.

    2. My billing cycle is 15th to 14th of next month.

    3. Today (20.08.2014) I got speed problem and connectivity problem. When I made complain, it got connected after 2-3 hours.

    4. But still there was very slow speed. as slow as I was unable to mail. Suddenly I checked my “Uses”. I got shocking information that my limit of 15 gb exhausted in 4 days only ( 15 th to 19 August) which is almost impossible for a household customer.

    5. Important thing is that it shows 3 gb + download after reduced ( 512 kbps) speed today.

    6. My main concern is that when I talked your customer care and upgraded my plan for 45gb a month plan. They done it and screen was showing 30 gb Balance uses. But still speed was not restored. They told it will take 2 hours to restore speed n new upgraded plan. But shockingly after 1 and half hour my o/s gb reduced from 30 gb to 28 gb. i.e. 2 gb data used that too at 4 Mbps speed. while speed at my end was not restored yet. My router was also off during the the period. I also changed my password before it. ( I have record of all above, you can see if you want)

    7. Please inquire at your end and inform me who used it? Please also inform Police, TRAI and Agencies fighting against terrorism too.

    8. And for you notice “Secondary minimum speed” is also not upto TRAI instructions.

    Please urgently do the needfull.

    Thanks n Regards

  6. worst internet customer care services, these kind of company must be ban in India and the they must be hanged. wastage of money and time.please dont reccommend these kind of company.

  7. tikona service is not upto my satisfaction . I am facing login in problem since the date of installation and so many times informed through the call centre no. but the problem remain same and resolve for a very short period.The customer call centre service is not good these type of companies are totally waste of time and money and should be ban in the welfare of customers

  8. Very bad customer care service i have made a booking for the demo of tikona and no reply in 9 days and no one is picking my calls

  9. Worst service.
    Poorest network I have ever use.
    TIKONA walo
    Please stop making fool to innocent people..
    Hell network
    Band kar do service de na ..

  10. Fraud company, making fool to people. These guys are not suspending my account for that i have mailed many times and say mail again and increasing my bill.
    Keep it in your mind that I am not going to pay anymore for this service.
    Poorest service i have ever used.
    Even govt should take action this company which is making fool public again and again. I think govt will be included in fraud too.

  11. New strategy is back to trouble customers Tikona lines doesn’t work and are disconnected on Sunday’s and holidays to save company cost but they don’t know how many customers they will loose now.
    The technical field staff are roaming around don’t come on time and are rude
    Don’t know if their customer service head has changed or unable to manage and train staff Poor customer service training given
    Tikona days are getting over now but sad to see this

  12. I cant explain the extent of harassment done by Tikona customer service. My internet is not working for past 7 days. I am calling tikona customer care(technical) everyday. I have to wait for 25-30 minutes but no representative picks up the call. I am not sure if my id or phone number is barred. Then I call customer care and explain my problem everyday. they tell me that it will be resolved by end of the day but no ticket is raised from them since they are already having 4 tickets raised on my ID.

    there is no technical support in Gurgaon. I am waiting and calling them everyday but the only thing that is happening is me getting mentally harassed.

    Let me explain my issue first – I am having plan for 4 mbps , costing me Rs 856/- every month. My net works at most 20 days in month because other 10 days of month there is no signal from tikona backend. I call them everytime and raise same concern but all waste.

    Last month the same issue happened for a whole week from 15 aug to 21 aug. again same issue occurred from 1sept this month and still its not working.
    Hence I was not able to consume my 30 gb , only 3 Gb was use, hence I paid 856/- for 3 gb data.
    then I am calling them everyday, that’s costing me another hard bucks.
    A technician called me and told me that he will come and look into issue in 5 minutes. I waited for 2 hours called him back but again same reply. I waited 1 more hour and he told me that he wont be coming and I have to call customer care again.

    Customer care told me that I will be receiving new message telling me about new technician. Neither I received message nor technician visitied.

    And next day at 11 Pm I received a message – that the issue is resolved and ticket is closed. I was really shocked on the response. I called back and no one picked call for another 20 minutes. and again I am in same mess.

    I am really harassed by them. the worst ever seen.

    They are not even closing the connection even when the signal are not there(out of line-of-sight). And I have to pay for service that I am not receiving.

    *** forgot to mention – 4 mbps speed connection provides me max 150 kbps on certain few days.****

  13. Tikona — Connection Not Working

    1 Review
    An Ankit942 on Sep 11, 2016 Mark as Resolved
    User ID: ankit942

    Hi Tikona Team,

    Hope You Guys are doing Great!!

    This is regarding Connection ID – 1118177942. I am using this connection from June 28th and facing several problems. Since, 28th june I hardly used the connection 6 or 7 days as it is not working properly.

    When i connect my internet, it gets disconnected within 10 minutes. The antenna on my Terrace is not installed properly due to which it keeps on getting disconnected. I am requesting you to solve my problem as quickly as possible.

    I have paid Full amount of INR 4300 which includes Subscription charges and Installation charges. I am once again requesting, if my connection will not get fixed by Monday then i will move to consumer court and File a case against your company.

    Let me know if you guys feel interested to solve my problem.


  14. I am experiencing worst connectivity & also worst customer care response from Tikona fail to understand what to do nobody talks or reciprocate from Tikona they are least concerned

  15. Third class internet connection where no internet is provided.In 13 days of ‘buying’ the connection every alternate day or more there is no connection.No one at technical support picks the call.If one manages to reach some other department they only seek your ‘kshama’ asking you to call at another number which is chargeable.The best part is that they have taken rental for three months in advance so you’re stuck with a service provider which provides no service.
    Godless people earning their bread and butter by fooling people and causing frustration.May the same frustration fill their lives…
    And God knows who is the fool running this mockery of a company.

  16. Worst company after paying final bill amount of 1100 rs they are still demanding 300 rs as 2 months rental and that also thru legal department shame on this act. I have already stopped there service since last 7 months then also I paid them the amount of 1100 for 7 mnth.looks like the company is not working for maintaining Goodwill but for making money.

  17. Will anyone please tell me how to close the
    Account as I am fadeup with the services
    provided by tikona and do not want to avail it any more.

  18. Customer care services are not upto the mark and need to be improved lot. I am not getting my monthly bill on net and physically it receives after 30th of every month. How can I pay the bill and on the other hand you are very much eager to charge for delayed payment. Please resolve the problem immediately. Let me know the bill amount for the period 15th Aug.to 14th Sept.2016 on my mobile regularly.



  20. sir , Good Morning…The day from which i got your tikona connection I am Daily facing the problem of Network. My devices does not connect to internet through your tikona net device i have made complaints at no. of times and spent my mobile expenses tune to Rs. 196/- till now just for asking that why your network is not working properply. In a day it connects only for few minutes. installation was not made properly. I think that i have committed a mistake for getting connection from you. My money rs.2150/- was thrown in justbin in my opinion.
    I request you to kindly look into the matter personally. and resolve the problem for for providing net through out the day without any intereption.
    with regards
    Brij Bhushan

  21. I m brijesh from meerut.
    Several time l hv call to ur customercare to stop my services but u didn’t .so that I will not pay further amount.

  22. the worst customer service by tikona, not taking care there customer finally i decide stop the pathetic service.
    there service engineer speak rudely with customer. tikona ID 1116893069 Pls close my account permanent asap

  23. Worst service ..than any of the services…i m from varanasi …My connection is not started since 5 days.their employees come daily sit for 3 hr …bt connection not start..they have to stop the service if they can not handle their employees…

  24. kindly sent your for proper installation of connection OR refund my due amount immediately.
    Brij Bhushan

  25. Really worst internet.. and service also very worst.. I never seen this kind of service… Technical person came and check and said after 2 hours it will resolved.. but 1 week goes still didn’t work. If I complained in customer care. They are saying with in 8 it will cure.. I leave it for 1 day. Did not cure.. they blocked my num also.. if I call customer care some computer voice only coming.. for my work internet is important.

  26. Worst Internet service with with superb worse customer care team.
    After more than one month still they are unable to fix the problem.
    Every time they suggested switch off and on the device, log out and log in again.
    I think they recruited so many rickshaw wala like people they are waisting the time only.
    Customer id 1115450533

  27. Worst internet service provider ever seen..

    Even my mobile 2G internet is getting better than Tikona.

    Please dont use it.

  28. Tikona broadband services is the worst internet provider I’ve never seen.
    This guy’s are charging bills without services. They have hired people only for money collection & payment reminders (10 days before bill date) but when technical support needed nobody will bother.
    I chasing their customer services from last 3 months but nobody bothered to revert.
    If you want to take revenge with anybody you can suggest TIKONA…you will feel satisfied…

  29. hi I am nitesh kurup and i was tikona’s customer for 4 years and this is my user id:1105817482 and this is my closing request, as i already disconnected my internet connection on 25th july before renewal of plan still you generated the bill for following month, as i didnot used it why would i pay for it, now you are charging 100rs penalty every month, i was keep calling tikona’s cust care there were telling me that i dont have to pay but daily i receive call and message for payment,
    so yesterday i called up their cust care and i spoke with their customer care supervisor regarding this request 1-4191216948 he was very harsh and rude he didnot even tried to listen my concern and was just saying you have to pay the bill and hungup the call, before they will file a fault charge against me i want to complaint against them, i have call recording as well as written mail also which i sent them on 25the sept, kindly do the needful..

  30. Really Bad Customer Care. Mostly calls are not responding and they do not bother if they loose any customer. Better not to use Tikona.
    A person Mr Chandan Singh from Tikona came to me today and wanted to use my device for my neighbor new connection. When I refused he willingly disconnected my connection also and there is no hearing from Tikona regarding this

    Really fed up. Don’t go for Tikona.

  31. 14-10-2016
    Worst customer care service.Actually it should be called care free service.Tikona is only interested in his business.Even e-Mails are not acknowledged what to talk of redressal of grievances.Earlier my this mobile number was a registered mobile number of another one. Now this number is owned and used by me only.I have requested Tikona in early July 2016to replace this number from another number of the Tikona subscriber. Despite Tikona acknowledgement to substitute the mobile number even after a lapse of 3 months till date no action is initiated rather they call and send messages almost all days several times to remind monthly payments.My E-mails are also not responded.What to do next?

  32. BAD SERVICE , LAZY CUSTOMER CARE , BLACKMAILING AND CHEATING ; hi friends Tikona people are very cunning and they starts blackmailing u after disconnection . this is true with my self.
    i disconnected for bad service .they sent me 4 months bill for RS 2553/- after disconnection and asked me to pay . i called customer care. they were careless in attitude. next day i dot call from delhi laywer and they told i have legal for not paying bill . and i have to attend the court. she blackmailed me to pay the bill in an hour or she will book a case after getting call i paid RS 2000/- immediately. such a cheap trick . she instructed me how to pay through net bank . I felt she is some technical person not a laywer. SUCH A CHEAP TRICK TO COLLECT THE MONEY.

  33. Totally third class customer service. I have been facing constant disturbance in wifi signal since 2-3 months. I tried to register complaint on customer care number but call disconnected every time.

  34. Unquestionably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification seemed
    to be on the internet the simplest thing to be aware of.
    I say to you, I certainly get irked while people think about worries that they plainly do not know about.
    You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects
    , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more.

  35. It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  36. Hello,

    ​I am Paresh Jadhav and my Tikona user id is 1117845352. I was placed closing request on 25th Sep, 2016 due to transfer Mumbai for office work, but still I get charged. Thereafter, I was talking to the customer care team leader and he was blocked my id and also told me that I will not charge, but still I got call from customer care regarding payment.​ ​I haven’t used any service after closing request, then why should I have to pay for it?

    I am very Disappointed from Tikona….Please look into my issue ASAP.

  37. I had used Tikona internet 2 years ago. First I paid for 3 months. During this 3 months, more than 45 days internet connectivity was not there. And they have not refunded me any amount also they are threatening me to file case against me. According to them still I have to pay 1500rs. for internet used after 3 months of subscription. Worst internet service I have ever seen in my life..

  38. Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing.
    The clearness in your post is just cool and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject.
    Fine with your permission let me to grab your RSS feed to keep up
    to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  39. I am T.Vivekanandan, from Chennai. I was using Tikona in past one year(ID 1114280117) and last month I have discontinued the link due to my job transfer. At the time of withdrawal of my link I have paid my dues without any balance. But after that your people makes call to me and asking for new connection. And also sending SMS for new over dues. I have disconnected the link, how can I have over dues. This is fraudulent job. Please make it serious issue and stop to sending SMS for any dues.
    My Tikona ID 1114280117

  40. Frankly, if you are subscribing this please think twice, its a fake broadband service which never works, customer service keeps promising you for immediate attention and immediate engineer at your doorstep, but no one comes neither your complaint will ever be attended.

  41. Dear Tikona. . . . I paid all the due till 15/10/16 always in advance. After 15/10/16 I am not using Tikona service because very poor service . So I told to executive about the problem request for disconnection . And now Tikona executive demanding money .if I am not using then why the demand 2273.35rs.
    If u harras like that, I will do legal complaints against the executive or Tikona company..

    Details of your Tikona WI-Bro Service Account are – BAN – 121094899 & Service ID – 1109544962

  42. This is with reference to the harassment that has happened on call with one of the person stating himself as a part of Tikona Company. He is giving threatening calls to file 420 case against my old aged father in case we won’t give him money in the name of Tikona broadband fees. We have contacted lot many times to the customer care in the month of June and July to discontinue the broadband services as we are going out of station. But, they use to reply adamantly to transfer the connection at a new place or to transfer the connection to some other customer at the same place proposed by us but by no chance the connection will get discontinued. Also, the customer care representatives use to keep the call on hold and use to disconnect the calls upon raising the request for discontinuing the services. Why the Tikona agents are forcing us to use the broadband services when we are not interested in taking it further followed by many calls that are disturbing us during working hours to make payments. Indeed, they did not allow us to escalate the issues to the apex body of Tikona. If the company is exploiting the old aged person and harassing in such a stringent way then we will be left by no choice but to file a case against the company in consumer forum. I am carrying all the electronic evidences with myself. Indeed, the Tikona must be having such records.
    I need an immediate action and answer to the above issue. Else, I will be approaching to consumer forum asap for this kind of dictatorial behavior by the company.
    USER ID : 1114854564
    Connection under the name: RK Rai
    C-107 Sugan Residency, MOG line, Indore

    Richa Rai
    Email id – [email protected]

  43. Tikona is worst indian company which is made by Prakash bajpai ex employee of Reliance.
    No enduser support
    No any intimation to customer for technical outage
    No porper communincation with customer
    and lots of thigs which can not be mention on or off letter.

  44. Firstofall guys dnt pay them advance , they gv the plan of 5 month in 3750 n next day the company texted 2156 for 3 months . Aur bhai fir call kr kr ke thaka bc ke paise toh **** lagaya per ab login toh krke do, behn k **** ne no he block kr dia provider . Roz roz **** fon kr kr ke khoon garam krne se acha last me tata ka krvaya , connection b deke gaye aur login b aur rcpt b . Inka nai connection dalwana dosto.

  45. Frstofall guys dnt pay them advance , they gv the plan of 5 month in 3750 n next day the company texted 2156 for 3 months . Aur bhai fir call kr kr ke thaka bc ke paise toh **** lagaya per ab login toh krke do, behn k **** ne no he block kr dia provider . Roz roz **** fon kr kr ke khoon garam krne se acha last me tata ka krvaya , connection b deke gaye aur login b aur rcpt b . Inka nai connection dalwana dosto.

  46. Pehle he time kam hai ab ulta 1 hour roz custmr care pe bat krni padti hai . Hutyo jaisa service hai aur paise leke g ke niche daba diye hai haanji . Aur connection kisi ne lia hai ye coment read krne ke baad b toh salo dub maro muje tumse baat he nai krni
    Mera thukona id hai (1119846642)

  47. Hello Tikona,

    Are you serious about your business..!! Then because of your BAD Service, I have kept my JOB on RISK. and when I raised to resolve the internet problems and raised many tickets no one cared.. I have requested for disconnection with in 10 days of connection and Refund the amount.

    1. Why did you RECRUITED idiots, who don’t do proper service..!!
    2. When the area is not having proper signal and server problems WHY DO YOU SAY THE AREA IS FEASIBLE. 1st fix them and then give connection.
    3. When customer request for disconnection. WHY DO YOU BEG FOR ONE MORE CHANCE and after giving chances WHY DON’T you do PROPER SERVICE.

    and many more reference numbers and your executive IMRAN provided only 5 ref. nos.
    1- 4349002542


  48. i got fixed the connection 2 days ago now im facing some technical problem my plan has 10 mbps speed but believe me on my laptop its like 1mbps i called them they always say yes we r looking for your problem and will fix it soon…but they do nothing.some of the sites even dont get to open due to poor connection…dont buy this connection u will regret

  49. My Tikona bill no person come to collect bill payment my user I D 1106734866. Incase any fine raise after due date so I am not responsible for the same. kindly collect cheque against my bill.

  50. You could certainly see your skills in the article you write.

    The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they
    believe. All the time go after your heart.

  51. Hi,

    I’m facing now is a totally different problem. Due to the low connections in our area tikona services are completely stopped. I have confirmed from customer executives also. So then i have asked about my money which i was paid already.
    He said to me our billing team will make a call to you soon.
    Let’s see……….

    Vijay R.

  52. All automated and generic messages on Customer Care numbers. BAD CUSTOMER CARE


  53. Disappointing service..first update your customer care service then u cn go ahead with filing cases against customer regarding bill payment n all d bullshit. Completely disgusted.

  54. Any body who has Tikona Connection is requested to kindly apply for disconnection, as it is very bad, unsatisfactory, poor quality connection. A Fraud Company collecting money. My son (Siddhant Pamnani )had this connection and requested for disconnection after three months and company disconnected the broadbad connection after one month and has now demanding Rs. 1383.00 by sending letters of Advocates. This company will never improve its services. AGAR KISI KE PASS YEH CONNECTION HAI TO HUM USSE BAAT BHI NAHI KARENGE

  55. With reference to my discussion with Tikona call center and my mail dated on 28-01-2017 to discontinue my WiFi (TikonaUser ID-1113223618 Name:Saurabh Singh) but till date i haven’t received any response from your end. This is the worst service provided by Tikona and I am not responsible to charge anything to me from 28-01-2017.

    After this if will not get the response from your team i will going to take legal action against the Tikona..







  57. Dear sir,
    Please i pay bill. Please close my tikona id. 1116212555.
    Please do needful.
    Otherwise pls send u r office address or kukatpally area manager or service person numbers .
    My number is 9705544110.

  58. I am rahul my customer ID 1116892286 I continiously call to customer care to pick up the Device From The location . I Also get No Due Payment. But Also Due to non pick up of device by Tikona Execative i am in trouble . & billing send me of 1700 rs for Device Pl. Pick up device From Me

    i have given request to customer care at 3 -4 times but no one is responding to receive the Device & I Got Charged for 1700.

    Very Very Bad Service

  59. Tikona used to give me very good service in the starting but now it barely give me any server or signal to use. i want to cut my Tikona broadband connection. I barely get some signal and server server per month and my bill still comes up to 800 rupees. my costumer Id is 1114570492. plz cut my connection so that I can purchase new server provider and I will have no problems further.

  60. I am tired of following up with them on relocation of my connection, called them up several times, no revert though

  61. Give a thief ur address instead of using a Tikona service atleast they will not disturb u while stealing ur money unlike them. They are blood sucking pests

  62. very very bad service and not at all good sped of tikona i suggest to do not to take any connection for tikona. others are far better than tikona and i also make bad impresion for other.

  63. worst costumer care ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , I isseued my complaint 3 months back but nothing happened ..
    everyday I call costumer care but nobody is bothered to resolve it. even engineers have blocked my phone.
    My splan speed is 10 mbps but i gett less then 1 .

  64. we have been facing disruption in connection very frequentily.. and have made complaint several times, but very poor service.

    Hence on 30.05.2017 i have sent them email requesting to cancel my connection but this mails bounce back. I have tried to sent this email again but no anwer.. they keep calling my home for payment. Even after informing them that we have already requested for cancellation.

    Very pathetic customer service.




  66. Very bad experience with Tikona Digital Network it was fully Curption Bill amount extra Charges fake bill Don’t take Tikona buddy

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