BSNL Customer Care Numbers for Mobile, Broadband, Landline

Bsnl Customer Care Number

Are you facing issues with your BSNL broadband, mobile or landline connection? BSNL customer care number at hand will help you to place complain immediately. Since internet is the most popular source used to search for any information, we have shared here list of BSNL Customer Care Numbers; separately for its various services. Landline users can complain about their issues of dead landlines and any other irregularity of the service. As a government owned public sector operator, BSNL is holding place among top 5 providers in country.

Though its services are criticized for low connectivity, it is  popular in most of the circles where it is present. It is providing affordable services in all urban and semi urban regions. Customer care numbers of other top networks, namely Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Reliance are also available at our site. Bsnl has changed and started chip rate facility of recharge compare to Vodafone. You can see latest services with customer care details from this blog.

Customers often follow BSNL customer care number to complain about issues with service. These numbers will also be useful to get any information on its recharge plans, call rates, mobile internet services, 2G, 3G and 4G services of leased lines, broadband and telephone line. It is also important to have customer care number of your region to get better response.

This post brings regional helpline numbers too. Specific numbers for Cellone, broadband and landline are listed to help you in best way. The numbers are compiled from the official sources but subject to change with time. However, the regional numbers and national toll free number will help you to get any specific number of BSNL service.

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Bsnl Mobile Customer Care Number

No wonder if sometimes you need to call up BSNL customer care support executive many times for your problems. Toll free numbers will help you to call without slashing your call charges. We have listed below the customer care number and toll free helpline numbers of BSNL:

  • 1503 (exclusive for BSNL mobile users)
  • 1800-180-1503 (toll free)
  • 9400024365
  • 1800-180-1503 (toll free)

You can get information directly from above numbers. Or ask them for your regional customer care numbers. It is good to keep the national customer care and toll free number handy with you to contact BSNL customer care any time. Also know Airtel broadband customer care center number and email addresses.

BSNL Customer Care No. – Region Wise

If you are seeking general information, above stated BSNL customer care numbers will surely serve you. In case you need to contact your regional office, following state wise list will help you. You also have privilege to communicate in your state language besides English and Hindi.

BSNL Customer Care Numbers State Wise

State BSNL Helpline Numbers
Andhra Pradesh 9440024365
Tamil Nadu 9443024365
Kerala 9447024365
Karnataka 9448024365
West Bengal 9434024365
Chhattisgarh 9425201041


Assam 9435024365
Bihar 9431024365
Kolkata 9433024365
Goa 9422024365
Gujarat 9426024365
Haryana 9416024365
Himachal Pradesh 9418024365
Punjab 9417024365
Jammu & Kashmir 9419024365
Orissa 9437024365
Madhya Pradesh 9425024365
Maharashtra 9422024365
Uttarakhand 9412024365
Uttar Pradesh – West 9412024365
Uttar Pradesh – East 9415024365

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Bsnl Broadband Customer Care

Find below all the toll free helpline numbers of BSNL customer care center that you can use specifically for different services you are using:

BSNL Services


BSNL Toll Free Numbers
Broadband 198 or 1504 (BSNL users)

1800 345 1540 (any network user)

Landline 198 or 1500 (from BSNL number)

1800 345 1500 (from any number)

Dataone 1600 424 1600
MPLS/VPN 1800 425 1957

Also get Vodafone customer care number of both prepaid and postpaid center. BSNL is the 5th largest for mobile network and the largest provider of landline connections. Hence large number of people using its landline services is also searching for its number. You can access particular number according to your BSNL service. There is also a popular service in the mobile network segment called Tata Docomo. We have provided an updated list of Tata Docomo customer care number for our readers.

BSNL has made GSM services affordable to common individuals in country. If you don’t have to travel frequently, BSNL is very economical service provider for you at one place.  If you are looking for customer care numbers of other services like Airtel, Vodafone and Docomo, find it right here.

We have brought customer care numbers of essential services at one place. You will find BSNL customer care number and toll free numbers of all prominent telecom companies at As mobile and internet services have tremendous use today, we are here to help users with all customer care number and helpline numbers.

Andhra Pradesh  Customer care number of BSNL
Arunachal Pradesh  Customer care number of BSNL
Assam  Customer care number of BSNL
Bihar  Customer care number of BSNL
Chhattisgarh  Customer care number of BSNL
Goa  Customer care number of BSNL
Gujarat  Customer care number of BSNL
Haryana  Customer care number of BSNL
Himachal Pradesh  Customer care number of BSNL
Jammu & Kashmir  Customer care number of BSNL
Jharkhand  Customer care number of BSNL
Karnataka  Customer care number of BSNL
Kerala  Customer care number of BSNL
Madhya Pradesh  Customer care number of BSNL
Maharashtra  Customer care number of BSNL
Manipur  Customer care number of BSNL
Meghalaya  Customer care number of BSNL
Mizoram  Customer care number of BSNL
Nagaland  Customer care number of BSNL
Odisha  Customer care number of BSNL
Punjab  Customer care number of BSNL
Rajasthan  Customer care number of BSNL
Sikkim  Customer care number of BSNL
Tamil Nadu  Customer care number of BSNL
Telangana  Customer care number of BSNL
Tripura  Customer care number of BSNL
Uttarakhand  Customer care number of BSNL
Uttar Pradesh  Customer care number of BSNL
West Bengal  Customer care number of BSNL
Andaman and Nicobar Islands  Customer care number of BSNL
Chandigarh  Customer care number of BSNL
The Government of NCT of Delhi  Customer care number of BSNL
Dadra and Nagar Haveli  Customer care number of BSNL
Daman and Diu  Customer care number of BSNL
Lakshadweep  Customer care number of BSNL
Puducherry  Customer care number of BSNL
Hyderabad Customer care number of BSNL
Itanagar Customer care number of BSNL
Dispur Customer care number of BSNL
Patna Customer care number of BSNL
Raipur Customer care number of BSNL
Panaji Customer care number of BSNL
Gandhinagar Customer care number of BSNL
Chandigarh Customer care number of BSNL
Shimla Customer care number of BSNL
Srinagar Customer care number of BSNL
Ranchi Customer care number of BSNL
Bangalore Customer care number of BSNL
Thiruvananthapuram Customer care number of BSNL
Bhopal Customer care number of BSNL
Mumbai Customer care number of BSNL
Imphal Customer care number of BSNL
Shillong Customer care number of BSNL
Aizawl Customer care number of BSNL
Kohima Customer care number of BSNL
Bhubaneshwar Customer care number of BSNL
Chandigarh Customer care number of BSNL
Jaipur Customer care number of BSNL
Gangtok Customer care number of BSNL
Chennai Customer care number of BSNL
Hyderabad Customer care number of BSNL
Agartala Customer care number of BSNL
Dehradun Customer care number of BSNL
Lucknow Customer care number of BSNL
Kolkata Customer care number of BSNL
Port Blair Customer care number of BSNL
Chandigarh Customer care number of BSNL
Delhi Customer care number of BSNL
Silvassa Customer care number of BSNL
Kavaratti Customer care number of BSNL

क्या आप अपने बीएसएनएल ब्रॉडबैंड, मोबाइल या लैंडलाइन कनेक्शन के साथ समस्याओं का सामना कर रहे हैं? बीएसएनएल कस्टमर केयर नंबर को तुरंत शिकायत दर्ज करने में मदद करेगा। चूंकि इंटरनेट किसी भी जानकारी को खोजने के लिए उपयोग किया जाने वाला सबसे लोकप्रिय स्रोत है, इसलिए हमने यहां बीएसएनएल कस्टमर केयर नंबरों की सूची साझा की है; इसकी विभिन्न सेवाओं के लिए अलग से। लैंडलाइन उपयोगकर्ता मृत लैंडलाइन के अपने मुद्दों और सेवा की किसी अन्य अनियमितता के बारे में शिकायत कर सकते हैं। सरकारी स्वामित्व वाले सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के ऑपरेटर के रूप में, BSNL देश में शीर्ष 5 प्रदाताओं में से एक है।

यद्यपि इसकी सेवाओं की कम कनेक्टिविटी के लिए आलोचना की जाती है, लेकिन यह उन अधिकांश मंडलियों में लोकप्रिय है जहां यह मौजूद है। यह सभी शहरी और अर्ध शहरी क्षेत्रों में सस्ती सेवाएं प्रदान कर रहा है। हमारी साइट पर एयरटेल, वोडाफोन, आइडिया और रिलायंस जैसे अन्य शीर्ष नेटवर्क के ग्राहक देखभाल नंबर भी उपलब्ध हैं। Bsnl बदल गया है और वोडाफोन की तुलना में रिचार्ज की चिप दर सुविधा शुरू कर दी है। आप इस ब्लॉग से ग्राहक सेवा के विवरण के साथ नवीनतम सेवाएं देख सकते हैं।

మీరు మీ BSNL బ్రాడ్బ్యాండ్, మొబైల్ లేదా లాండ్లైన్ కనెక్షన్తో సమస్యలను ఎదుర్కొంటున్నారా? BSNL కస్టమర్ కేర్ నంబర్ చేతిలో వెంటనే ఫిర్యాదు చేయడానికి మీకు సహాయం చేస్తుంది. ఏ సమాచారం కోసం వెతకడానికి ఇంటర్నెట్ అత్యంత ప్రాచుర్యం పొందిన మూలంగా ఉన్నందున, మేము ఇక్కడ BSNL కస్టమర్ కేర్ నంబర్ల జాబితాను పంచుకున్నాము; దాని వివిధ సేవలకు విడిగా. ల్యాండ్లైన్ వినియోగదారులు చనిపోయిన ల్యాండ్లైన్ల సమస్యలను మరియు సేవ యొక్క ఏదైనా ఇతర అక్రమత గురించి ఫిర్యాదు చేయవచ్చు. ఒక ప్రభుత్వ రంగ సంస్థగా, బిఎస్ఎన్ఎల్ దేశంలో మొదటి 5 ప్రొవైడర్లలో స్థానం సంపాదించింది.

దాని సేవలు తక్కువ కనెక్టివిటీకి విమర్శలు ఉన్నప్పటికీ, అది ఉన్న అనేక వృత్తాల్లో ఇది ప్రసిద్ది చెందింది. ఇది పట్టణ మరియు సెమీ పట్టణ ప్రాంతాల్లో సరసమైన సేవలను అందిస్తోంది. ఎయిర్టెల్, వొడాఫోన్, ఐడియా మరియు రిలయన్స్ ఇతర టాప్ నెట్వర్క్ల కస్టమర్ కేర్ నంబర్లు కూడా అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయి. BSNL మార్చబడింది మరియు రీఛార్జి యొక్క చిప్ రేట్ సౌకర్యం వోడాఫోన్తో సరిపోల్చింది. మీరు ఈ బ్లాగ్ నుండి కస్టమర్ కేర్ వివరాలతో తాజా సేవలను చూడవచ్చు.

உங்கள் BSNL பிராட்பேண்ட், மொபைல் அல்லது லேண்ட்லைன் இணைப்புடன் நீங்கள் பிரச்சினைகளை எதிர்கொள்கிறீர்களா? பி.எஸ்.என்.எல் வாடிக்கையாளர் சேவை எண் உடனடியாக உங்களுக்கு புகார் அளிக்க உதவுகிறது. எந்தவொரு தகவலையும் தேட இணையம் மிகவும் பிரபலமான ஆதாரமாக இருப்பதால், BSNL வாடிக்கையாளர் கவனிப்பு எண்கள் பட்டியலை இங்கு பகிர்ந்துள்ளோம்; அதன் பல்வேறு சேவைகள் தனித்தனியாக. லேண்ட்லைன் பயனர்கள் இறந்த நிலப்பகுதிகளின் பிரச்சினைகள் மற்றும் சேவையின் வேறு ஏதேனும் முறைகேடு பற்றி புகார் செய்யலாம். அரசாங்கத்தின் சொந்தமான பொதுத்துறை நிறுவனமாக, பிஎஸ்என்எல் நாட்டில் முதல் 5 வழங்குநர்கள் மத்தியில் இடம் பெற்றுள்ளது.

அதன் சேவைகள் குறைந்த இணைப்புக்கு விமர்சிக்கப்பட்டாலும், அது இருக்கும் வட்டாரங்களில் பெரும்பாலானவை பிரபலமாக உள்ளன. இது நகர்ப்புற மற்றும் அரை நகர்ப்புற பகுதிகளில் மலிவு சேவைகளை வழங்குகிறது. ஏர்டெல், வோடபோன், ஐடியா மற்றும் ரிலையன்ஸ் ஆகியவற்றின் வாடிக்கையாளர் பராமரிப்பு எண்கள் எங்கள் தளத்திலும் கிடைக்கின்றன. BSNL மாறிவிட்டது மற்றும் Vodafone ஒப்பிடுகையில் ரீசார்ஜ் சில்லு விகிதம் வசதி தொடங்கியது. இந்த வலைப்பதிவில் இருந்து வாடிக்கையாளர் பாதுகாப்பு விவரங்களை நீங்கள் சமீபத்திய சேவைகளை பார்க்க முடியும்.

आपल्या बीएसएनएल ब्रॉडबँड, मोबाइल किंवा लँडलाइन कनेक्शनसह आपल्याला समस्या येत आहेत? बीएसएनएल ग्राहक सेवा नंबर आपणास ताबडतोब तक्रारी करण्यास मदत करेल. इंटरनेट कुठल्याही माहितीचा शोध घेण्यासाठी वापरलेला सर्वात लोकप्रिय स्त्रोत असल्यामुळे आम्ही येथे बीएसएनएल ग्राहक सेवांची यादी सामायिक केली आहे; स्वतंत्रपणे त्याच्या विविध सेवांसाठी. लँडलाइन वापरकर्ते मृत लँडलाइन आणि सेवेच्या इतर अनियमिततेबद्दल त्यांच्या तक्रारींबद्दल तक्रार करु शकतात. सरकारी मालकीच्या सार्वजनिक क्षेत्रातील ऑपरेटर म्हणून, बीएसएनएल देशाच्या शीर्ष 5 प्रदात्यांपैकी एक आहे.

जरी कमी कनेक्टिव्हिटीसाठी या सेवांवर टीका केली जात असली तरी ते जेथे उपस्थित आहे त्या बर्याच मंडळांमध्ये लोकप्रिय आहे. हे सर्व शहरी आणि अर्ध शहरी भागात परवडणारी सेवा प्रदान करते. एअरटेल, व्होडाफोन, आयडिया आणि रिलायन्स यासारख्या इतर शीर्ष नेटवर्क्सचे ग्राहक सेवा नंबर आमच्या साइटवर देखील उपलब्ध आहेत. व्होडाफोनच्या तुलनेत बीएसएनएलने रिचार्ज ची चिप रेट सुविधा सुरू केली आहे. आपण या ब्लॉगमधून ग्राहक सेवा तपशीलांसह नवीनतम सेवा पाहू शकता.

আপনি কি আপনার বিএসএনএল ব্রডব্যান্ড, মোবাইল বা ল্যান্ডলাইন সংযোগ নিয়ে সমস্যার সম্মুখীন? হাতে বিএসএনএল গ্রাহক সেবা নম্বর আপনাকে তৎক্ষণাৎ অভিযোগ করতে সহায়তা করবে। যেহেতু ইন্টারনেট কোনও তথ্য অনুসন্ধানের জন্য ব্যবহৃত সবচেয়ে জনপ্রিয় উৎস, তাই আমরা এখানে বিএসএনএল গ্রাহক সেবা সংখ্যাগুলির তালিকা ভাগ করে নিয়েছি; আলাদাভাবে তার বিভিন্ন সেবা জন্য। ল্যান্ডলাইন ব্যবহারকারীদের মৃত ল্যান্ড ল্যান্ডাইন এবং পরিষেবার অন্য কোন অনিয়ম সম্পর্কে তাদের অভিযোগ করতে পারে। সরকারি মালিকানাধীন পাবলিক সেক্টর অপারেটর হিসাবে, বিএসএনএল দেশের শীর্ষ 5 টি প্রদানকারীর মধ্যে অবস্থান করছে।

যদিও কম সংযোগের জন্য তার পরিষেবাদির সমালোচনা করা হয় তবে এটি যেখানে উপস্থিত রয়েছে তার বেশিরভাগ ক্ষেত্রে এটি জনপ্রিয়। এটি সব শহুরে এবং আধা শহুরে অঞ্চলে সাশ্রয়ী মূল্যের সেবা প্রদান করা হয়। এয়ারটেল, ভোডাফোন, আইডিয়া এবং রিলায়েন্স অন্যান্য শীর্ষ নেটওয়ার্কগুলির গ্রাহক সেবা সংখ্যা আমাদের সাইটে পাওয়া যায়। বিএসএনএল পরিবর্তিত হয়েছে এবং ভোদাফোন থেকে রিচার্জের তুলনায় চিপ রেট সুবিধা শুরু করেছে। আপনি এই ব্লগ থেকে গ্রাহক যত্ন বিবরণ সঙ্গে সর্বশেষ সেবা দেখতে পারেন।

104 thoughts on “BSNL Customer Care Numbers for Mobile, Broadband, Landline

  1. Is bsnl so scared that it does not publish its contact details via net. Now the real problem, Every month between 2nd & 7th day I get messages on my net that I have exceeded my quota of high speed data allowance. Either upgrade my sub. or go to lower speed. I am on UNLIMITED supply. Which idiot have got the meaning of Unlimited wrong. Because either the customer is a fool or this High ranking officer has Lost it. I have a good mind to take BSNL to consumer forum or file PIL in court. Which is better, please advice. My phonr No. is 0832-2755990. Please print my name if you have to as I don’t care who reads this letter. A Very high regards. Raj Gore from Goa. my e-mail ID is ” [email protected]

  2. hello sir/madam,
    now i am very happy to say i have good internet connection at low cost, but my disadvantages of this bsnl connection is some web sites not working like torrent sites, bgmmovies sites, etc…. so please take action to broadcast all sites withhout this message (Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact administrator for more information.)..

  3. हमारा टेलीफोन पिछले एक महीना से ख़राब है जिसके बारे मै सम्बंधित कर्मचारियों को हर दिन बताया गया ह अब आपसे निबेधन की मेरे टेलीफोन को सही करबाने का श्रम करें।

  4. The Broadband customer care number as given above 1800 345 1540 is fake. I keep getting reply that this number is wrong. My BSNL phone or braodband is not working. How am I supposed to log a complaint?

  5. jab me naye connecttion ke liye b.s.n.l office gaya to muje vaha se bola ki hamare me jagah hogi to hi apko connection milega kya ye sach he

  6. Sabse bekar network BSNL Ka. Internet to door ki baat yahan signal bhi nai hai. Complaint k liye net pr customer care ke numbers search kro to ek bhi number sahi nai hai. Sabse ghatiya aur bekar network. Is se achha number port krwa k bsnl jaisi ghatiya networking ko dfa kro…

  7. i have not yet received my land line bill (4828204719) for the month july 2016 (1.7.2016 to 31.7.2016)
    please do needful.

  8. BSNL broadband service is very erratic. And the customer care even more. The call centre person kept me online for 20 minutes twice (total 40) without any solution to my problem.
    Local people give a docket no. and close it without the problem being solved.
    I am seriously thinking to shift to a different network

  9. सिम कार्ड न0 बन्द करने हेतु गुजारिश मेरा mobyle पुलिस राजस्थान के द्बारा छीन लिया और बपिस नहीं किया गया जिसमें bsnl no 9459341554 sim card है जिसे बंद कर दें ताकि उसे कोई गलत दुरपयोग न करे

  10. Is bsnl so scared that it does not publish its contact details via net. Now the real problem, Every month between 2nd & 3rd week I get messages on my mobile that I have exceeded my quota of high speed data allowance. Either upgrade my sub. or go to lower speed. I am on UNLIMITED supply with 4mbps and 30gb. If so, the meaning of Unlimited wrong. Because either the customer is a fool or this High ranking officer has Lost it.

  11. My landline phone is not working properly since last 2years. I get tremendous notice in monsoon season and can’t talk. Many neighbour lines connected to my phone. So I can hear talk of neighbours. The problem is not solved by local authorities. The give excuse of shortage of new wires.
    If we are talking about making India. The resonance of wire shortage shows we Indians are hopeless. BSNL workers and officers are corrupt and Inefficient to solve the problems. I wish government close BSNL and do privatisation.
    From highly unsatisfied INDIAN wishing to set tell abroad.

  12. my BSNL Sim no is 9479396005 and i have postpaid balance Rs100/- on dt.03.08.2016 but not recived in my SIM


  13. Me Dinesh Kumar Soni Mukam Post Gadana Vaya Ranawas Tehsil Marwar Junction Dist Pali Rajasthan se hu mera Land Line Number Aur Brodband Number 02935237040 jo 28/08/2016 ko mene broadband connection liya only five days kaam kiya bad me band ho gaya 10 days bad wapis chalu hua 7 days aur chala phir band mene online complane ki par wo bhi cancel ho gayi aur msg aaya ki aapki problem solve ho gayi par broadband band hi pada he jab mene marwar office me baat ki to bole 2 days me ho jayega aaj 01/09/2016 tak band he Isliye Me Bsnl Network ko me last and final notice de deta hu agar aapse service nahi hoti he to band karke ghar par beth jaaye aur agar aapko service chalani he to ese logo ko joine karo jo salary ke jitna to kaam kar sake aur responce accha de aapke dipartment me ese log he jisko abhi tak baat karni bhi nahi aati aur jab kaam ka bolle to ho jayega jese hum par meharbaani kar rahe he vese baat karte he aap sab log salary le rahe ho aur hum aapko payment dete fokat ka use nahi lete isl;iye agar hota he to bsnl ko chala dena nahi free ki salary lekar enjoy karna

  14. My self paid Rs.98/- to recharge today at 10 am for mobile no. 7599143292 & massage received ,successes fully recharged,but still not balance came such. Again paid Rs. 80/- to recharge today evening for same mobile no. but still not balance came.Please guide us.
    Narendra Prasad verma

  15. BSNL broadband sucks!!! above broadband customer care number is fake. Every 2 days once i get some issue with my broadband and it stops working for hours together and we do not have a customercare number to dial in for broadband. Why cant these guys maintain a customer care so that we can contact them immediately when we face any issues

  16. very poor signal in CHANDU-BADLI GURGAON. I regular visit in SGT UNIVERSITY AND HOSPITAL. Many times complaint made but no solution till. I think due to govt company no one cares as the officials are no answerable. No one wants to take pains when in govt job.

    1. mera telephone or brodband land line number hai 222302 mera name ha raju kumar jab ki sdo ne mera name likh diya rajkumar internet seva dono close h please mera connetion hamesha k liye band kr de maine kitni baar complain kiya sdo ke pass but sdo ne nhi suna kitni baar office ke chhaker lagaye but sdo ne nhi suna mera hr mahine bill aata bina use kiye jab ki sab kharab pada h please mera connetion hamesha ke liye band kr de

  17. My internet complaint (regarding problem in modem) no. 1033816451 dated 27.08.2016, with BSNL has not been attended till date.

  18. My Telephone Number =0755-2751580(Bhopal) is not working properly.There is unpleasant sound and Broadband(Network
    problem) is always there.Since last One and half month complaints made and yet solution is not provided.Please check the repeated complaint are recorded in your data.Every time the attendant dead the phone for 3-4 days and on enquired reply came work is in progress,but all in vain.I assume there will be requirement of cable changed or any other method you better know.

  19. my number is 94273 26506 i have recharge for rs.36/ to validate my date. i want to know whether the expiry date has been extended or not

  20. Same problem I am persisting of exhausted your data plan with high speed ……becoz of governent official one day bsnl will have to shut down, they r the one who would be solely responsible for the losses in gov sec.not even single customer care no is working.planning to throw it out my broadband , senior officals r not interested in resolving customers problems.spoon I will be moving with another network.

  21. मुझै bsnl new braodband mts servise के बारे मे जानना हे कोई सलाह दे 9549768920

  22. sir
    i am one of your user mobile in pune city .but when i travel or move to my village to near BHOR village name TITEGHAR near bhor 19 km .only i have no rang over there.not rang no land line all so work there .my village people complaint lot of time but no reply .
    please tell me where should i say my complaint.

  23. All the numbers given for the helpdesk are fake. BSNL SUCKS.if a person has any problem or complaint how is one supposed to get it resolved ..1stly get it conveyed!! Pathetic services and internet connection is in the “no internet” zone forever !! If u cant manage please shut ur company …coz anyway u stand no place in the market !!

  24. Hi,

    I have done payment of 201 INR online but not got balance?
    Please do needful.

    Dev Singh

    Receipt for Payment of Bills/Demand notes. This Receipt is generated from BSNL Portal.
    Receipt No 511609161622952
    Transaction ID PGSM160916658210
    Transaction Date 2016-09-16 21:24:57.0
    Amount 201
    Phone No 9410552023
    Account No NA
    Bank Reference No IG0CSIKHR6
    Invoice No NA

    Inline image 1

  25. Is thr any use in having bsnl connection? It’s such a bull shit to use this. Even after availing data pack and activating the same yu idiots have detected Internet charges from my main balance… (other than the actual cost for the pack)
    Such an irritating customer care service… I’m unable to talk to the executive.
    I have lost my balance of rs.200

  26. Dear Sir,
    We have not received physical telephone bill.
    Every month our telephone disconnection .
    Please provide physical telephone bill
    Customer ID 1023646273
    Account No. 1023646334
    Customer Type BUSINESS
    Phone No. 0141-2227543
    Mail Id: [email protected]

  27. 1 week se broadband kharab h complant kitnt baar kr chuke h st d code 05681 bidhuna auraiya kyo nhi solve kr ho haram bill de tumhe ka aur je to sunnta hi nhi thamari problem humari provlem 2 days me solvi karvyo samjh rhe ho aap

  28. I am not getting BSNL bills in time for my landline number 020-26850374. It comes almost very late and in some months it has not come. Please ensure timely delivery of monthly bill or else send it to my email enabling me for its timely payment.
    Secondly in the current bill for the period 01/08/2016 to 31/08/2016 three amounts of 170+70+170=410 has been charged for the services which I have not even used nor ever requested for. This amount should be credited back to me and no such charges should be levied in future bills.

  29. Kuchh achha hoga to na coment karun
    Aap logon ko sharm ata hai ki nahin ?
    Mera phone ek mahina se bandh para hai.
    Complain kia lekin koi shunwai nahin .
    Upar se bari bari OFFERS. Lekin kisiko lubha nahin sakta.

  30. मेरे लैंडलाइनमहाप्रबंधक
    भारत संचार निगम लिमिटेड
    विषय : brodband/landline कनेक्शन ठीक करने बाबत
    महोदय ,
    उपरोक्त विषय में लेख है की मेरा landline /brodband कनेक्शन विगत दो माह से ख़राब
    है मैंने कई बार शिकायत की लेकिन कोई संतोष जनक जवाब नहीं मिल रहा और नहीं
    फ़ोन ठीक हो रहा विगत दो माह में की गई शिकायत की जानकारी निम्नानुसार है
    दिनाक 04.09.2016,16.09.2016 18.09.2016,25.09.2016,28.09.2016 शिकायत न .क्रमश
    महोदय इतनी बार शिकायत करने पर भी फ़ोन चालू नहीं किया गया
    अतः आपसे अनुरोध है की landline /brodband चालू करवानेका कष्ट करे
    फ़ोन न.0731-2971945 यहाँ फ़ोन ख़राब है

    दि 29.09.2016
    सौरभ बेलसरे
    मकान न 145 MR 3 महालक्ष्मी नगर
    इंदौर (म प्र )
    मोबाइल 9981999945

  31. BSNL customer care is worst service , they don’t bothered , after 10 minutes they come on line Listen and bang the phone or tell server is down . please don’t choose BSNL .My phone and internet was down last 10days – no response

  32. My landline number is 03242-243075 where neither the broadband nor the telephone connection is working since last many months . I have been complaining since then but nonly response yet I have received. Please solve my problem.

  33. Dear BSNL Sir,
    I am one of your valuable customers. But sorry to say that your networking is very very poor and your response to any complaint is also in accordance with your network system. When ever any complaint is booked reply comes that ” your complaint is rectified” with a thanks note for being with BSNL. But sir could you reply please why we will be with BSNL? Though we are paying your bills timely still we are suffering with slow internet services. On the other hand bsnl is in noway cheaper than any other available options.
    So it is my sincere request to look into the quality of services to keep customers happy and to keep such a PSU alive. We have a soft corner towards bsnl as it is our central government PSU .
    Thanking you.

  34. My mob number 7598840895 nesam gold pv 49. My phone model is NOKIA E5-00. Internet not connected to click internet options. Always getting packet data not available. Give me any solution to activate net connection.

    Thanking you
    R Chandrasekar

  35. Dear Sir,
    Last 8 years I am using BSNL land line ( 02027202060) through your authorized BSNL DID franchisee. (Aspire Telecom)This connection is in Aundh Pune ( 1 kms for Aundh BSNL exchange).
    I am not getting interconnection of BSNL though i having BSNL land line. Interestingly franchisee provide us TATA DOCOM internet connection through BSNL line. I had asked several times to him for BSNL internet connection, every time he is telling some reason.
    How he provided TATA DoCOM internet connection through BSNL land line. Please resolve this issue and provide us BSNL internet connection.
    Harsh Paradies,
    Nagaras Road

  36. Hello sir,

    My self Babulal, i have two complaint related to my landline phone 02765-222135
    (1) BSNL has launch scheme for new connection at just AMOUNT 49 FOR 6 MONTHS but this facility is not for old customer, so we pay around 240 Rs. per month and new customer pay just only 49 Rs., so i am customer since 2006, so what i have to do i first disconnect the connection then apply for new connection is it way or BSNL give solution for old customer,

    (2) My area is consider in rural area but BSNL consider urban area, as per urban plan bsnl give bill, i give information to my nearer BSNL OFFICE but they did not give proper information, so please check and give solution to me. you can call on my mobile no:9408923132 and email id:[email protected]

    Thanking you,

  37. Dear Sir,
    Our landline number is 0674-2971650 where no broadband is working since last 10 days . we have been regularly complaining but not response by bsnl department. Please solve our problem.

    SRB Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
    5th Floor,IDCO Tower,Janpath

  38. Land line No.0836-2351026/ Account No.9024300124/ Customer ID 4009530857
    Sir, I have submitted new ECS request to Hubli, Karnataka office in the month of May 2016 and fulfilled their all requirements. I am receiving bills marked with “ECS Cutsomer.” But the amount is not debited to my Bank account. Today, when I contacted the official, at office situated on Station Road, Hubli, (behind main Post Office), I have not received reasonable reply. They are telling that- they have sent my application to Bangalore office and they are not concerned with the service.
    The reply was in such a way that the customers have become a burden to them. They have no interest in service or they are not cared to the customer. He was telling to withdraw the connection in case he is not satisfied with BSNL. I felt that BSNL will not survive with the service of such officials. I fail to get the name of this official.

  39. I took the plan of 249 broad band with 1mbps unlimited but there is no speed and as well as not opening any videos.
    You people’s are cheating customers with the name of unlimited broadband connection , don’t compare with jio.

  40. I took this connection for my mother who lives in Patna,Bihar so that I can keep connected to her.She is old and she needs to be connected to her children often.Landline is easier for her to talk plus it is needed for internet as well.I live abroad.But the connection whether it is landline or internet goes off for atleast two weeks in a month.The rebate for the period both of these connections were not working are also not provided yet.This causes too much stress and how can an old person can deal with this?I have repeatedly told/wrote this in all my complains and even when the connection was initiated. How come BSNL what such a large infrastructure(it lends it to other networks too) stays like this?Are people in BSNL sure that it cannot work better with people?I have doubts about this.I think you can do better.When your network reaches in villages then how come your service can be considered so poor.Because it is not.I think there is something deep to look at.Please have a look into it and help your people.You can’t let your own people down.

  41. I have done payment of RS.103 INR ON 15.10.2016 BY MODE OXYPAY online but not got balance,
    Please do needful.


    Payment Status Completed successfully.
    Transaction Status Transaction Successful OxiTransID – 18274122831510201622
    Reference Number 151020162203407657
    Transaction ID OXISBI23132097
    Service ETOP*BSNL*BIH,9430151831
    Bank Transaction ID IGAACDAXS6
    Transaction Time 10/15/2016 10:04:53 PM
    Recharge Amount 103

  42. I have done payment of 103 INR online(by oxypay) on 15.10.2016 but not got balance. I want to recharge my mobile instead of net pack, if the paid amount credited to netpack account, pl convert the same amount for recharge facility, Pl note that i have not used internet facility through my mobile.
    payment details mentioned below.
    Payment Status Completed successfully.
    Transaction Status Transaction Successful OxiTransID – 18274122831510201622
    Reference Number 151020162203407657
    Transaction ID OXISBI23132097
    Service ETOP*BSNL*BIH,9430151831
    Bank Transaction ID IGAACDAXS6
    Transaction Time 10/15/2016 10:04:53 PM
    Recharge Amount 103

    Please do needful.

    nita mukherjee

  43. Dear Sir/ Madam

    My land phone and internet is out of order last two weak back International line also not working, Please arrange to repair very urgent , every month we paying more than Rs 1200,

    Thanks & Regards,

  44. Dear Sir,
    I am not sure whether this mail portal is real or fake, however I am compelled to write this if anyone is listening. I recently shifted to Indrapuram Ghaziabad out of nationalistic feeling i opted for you to provide me the BB & Land Line. I paid the amount to a person at your office at Koshambi, but he refused to give any receipt. Well there after the rat race started from pillar to post up to GM to no avail. May be they took a month to install the connection. As if BSNL has obliged me with the connection. Just past a month the connection gone kaput for last four days. Now there is no one to help no one picks up any no. I registered the a complaint but no response so far.Incidentally the person who installed the system had given me his no, so i called but he never seems to be interested. Well till now I haven’t got any receipt of my initial payment neither do i know what plan i am on. Second bill has already been generated which was notified on my mobile, only the amount. No bill has been received so far.
    Is it that the national communicator is purposely doing it so that customers are encouraged to live the network. Therefore I too shall wait for another 24h and just cut the connection happily and oblige.
    With Warm Regards

  45. We are getting fed up with BSNL broadband monthly bills are coming exactly. Unfortunately we are having connections maximum 20 days out of 30.

    We have done Complant several time to our nearest bsnl office. No use

    Please advise to whom I can complain.

  46. Requested sir ,

    kuch fack sim user jo phon krk preshaan krte hai .kraypa enki enki sim numbers lo bnd kra dijiye .

    aapki mhaan krapa hogi.

    vo mobile numbers hai—–
    1.) 9839394386

  47. I m unable to get my BSNL BROADBAND CONNECTION NO 03732301045 after shifting to my new residence. Can anybody help?

  48. Sir
    Mujhe land line /broadband canection Lena hai kyapa karke mujhe bataye ye kesa hoga kyoki me BSNL office gaya that to kahna hai ki vaha line nahi hai jabki vaha purani line hai ya iska koi or uppay hai plz jaldi bataye.

    OCT 07, 2016 at 5:34 pm
    मेरे लैंडलाइनमहाप्रबंधक
    भारत संचार निगम लिमिटेड
    विषय : brodband/landline कनेक्शन की गती 4mbps करने बाबत.
    महोदय ,
    उपरोक्त विषय में लेख है की मेरा landline /brodband NLRMP WORKSTATION TADKALAS TQ.PURNA DIST.PARBHANI MAHRASTARA (02452-256001) कनेक्शन विगत दो माह से 6300 के प्लान के मुताबीक 4mbps speed है लेकिन दिये गयेspeed बाावजुदभी हमे उतनी स्पीड नही मिलरही है.
    है मैंने कई बार शिकायत की लेकिन कोई संतोष जनक जवाब नहीं मिला और नहीं
    कनेक्शन कि speed नही बढा के मिली , विगत दो माह में की गई शिकायत की जानकारी निम्नानुसार है
    दिनाक 06.10.2016,6.11.2016 शिकायत न .क्रमश
    महोदय इतनी बार शिकायत करने पर भी 4mbps नुसार speed बढा के नहीं मिली
    अतः आपसे अनुरोध है की landline /brodband (02452-256001) कनेक्शन की स्पीड बढाने का कष्ट करे

    दि 07.11.2016
    मोबाइल 8805870949

  50. Sabse bekar network BSNL Ka. Internet to door ki baat yahan signal bhi nai hai. Complaint k liye net pr customer care ke numbers search kro to ek bhi number sahi nai hai. Sabse ghatiya aur bekar network. Is se achha number port krwa k bsnl jaisi ghatiya networking ko dfa kro…
    inke pass complaint bhi kero to koi sunvai nhi hoti hai aur bina vejeh preshan bhi kertey hai isliy is network ko kehiya by-by aur idia or airtel ko apnaiyega.
    shailender asthana delhi

  51. Dear sir,
    श्रीमानजी मैने ब्रौंडबैंड कनेक्सन के लिए आवेदन किया लेकिन आपके विभाग के कर्मचारी एवं JTO बांदीकुई के दुवारा यह कहकर मना कर दिया की आपकी और लाईन नही जा रही है जब की मेरी एमित्र की दुकान मुख्य रोड पर स्थित है एव इस तरफ पहले भी लेंडलाइन फोन मोजूद थे जिन्होंने विभाग की लापरवाही के कारन अपने कनेक्सन कटवा लिए ! यदि यही हालत रही तो सभी BSNL उपभोक्ता अपने कनेक्सन कटवा लेगे अत: श्री मान जी निवेदन है कि इसकी उचित कार्य वाही कर हमें कनेक्सन दिलवाने की कृपा करे

  52. my complain no134855 dt11 nov 2016 at mahaprandhak dursanchar bhopal not solve till date please solve my complain

  53. Sir distt palwal me kafi time se cell broadcast message service band padi ha exchange me gya tha par kuch nahi hua pls solve karvane ka kast Kare thank you

  54. Sir i want to have new bsnl landline connection at my home.according to above comment s given by the bsnl landline and broadband connection holders i am in doubt ,whether i must use bsnl landline congratulations with broadband or otherwise.
    Can anybody suggest me.

  55. Dear Sir
    I have Two BSNL Landline No in My Office
    Both are not perform good service , One phone almost all time Ded (0120-342839)
    Many time call to Local Bsnl Office but there is no Responsible Person
    so Please Connect this No ASAP

  56. Hello Sir, I think that the Broadband connection of BSNL is not useful for customers who paid take connections they were not able to use at least 50 percent of the value because when ever we switch on the phone there won’t be network always server will be down , I think again recharging is absolutely a waste of money , so I am thinking to go to other networks.

  57. Dear Sir/Mam,

    I am not getting BSNL bills in time for my landline number 02135-261940. It comes almost very late and in some months it has not come. Please ensure timely delivery of monthly bill or else send it to my email enabling me for its timely payment. Your last bill received when next bill date recycle completed.

  58. Our Landline No. & Broadband Connection is (No. 06542- 236227 ) not working properly since last few month.
    We have complained several time to local authority/ Line man, but yet the problem is not solved.
    Therefore, we request you that pls. take necessary/Quick action against my this Connection .

  59. Bsnl customer care is distguisting customer care executive made me wait for 15- 20 min to connect to senior to block the Sim and then too I was not connected to any authority to block my Sim this was done several times in a single day and when I had argument with customer executive she misbehave d with me and not only that she disconnected my such a way that now when I call customer care I n not able to connect to customer executive I tried the no.many many times but can’t talk to customer executive shame on customer care pls kuch tho sharam karo and pls if there is any senior authority pls solve my problem shame shame shame……

  60. We have got a ftth connection 4 months back,since we stay in a multistroreyed a month atleast 5-6 days we don’t get outgoing calls and everymonth there is a problem with the broadband.but the bill remains the same.when we don’t get a good service why should we pay the same rental everymonth

  61. My land Line and broad connections are going out of order Inspite of paying for high speed connection. Every time I complain they send a message that they have entrusted the work to a person. Then I have to wait that person indefenetly. The problem is the connecting wires have become worn out. It requires immediate replacement. It is said, for the last one and half years that there is no stock of wires in BSNL. If so why the hell, I should pay my monthly bills without fail through ECS? Will the authorities inspect my premises how haphazardly the cables are hanging? Instead of spending lots of money on advertisements please concentrate on customer complaints otherwise I am forced to switch to some others connection.(my land line No.08023330405)Bangalore

  62. I tried lot of times to connect customer care with toll free number 198, but It said that you have to recharge before Feb 2017.why shouldn’t I connect with your service. I want to know my number offers for the number 9441438779, please give feed back.

  63. My Land Line Number is 080-28451342, Several times complained for not getting internet…no use finally decided to give letter to disconnect 20 days Back, surrendered Modem/charger/wire to Mr Murali Emply -Kodugodi BSNL office Bangalore till now no response. Complaint registered no response, Given customer care information on this no result. Fed up with this realy worst service in all fronts. Request some one to read and resolve

  64. i am karabi ghosh my mobile no 9432337428 it is lost due to chori in my house i have request customer care to lock the phone but theyare not closing the same it is avery bad situation

    now if any problem happens due to this who will be respon sible

    thanks karabi ghosh

  65. I’m using BSNL broadband connection with landline in more than 3 year, my telephone number is 02140260079.Today morning onwards my BSNL broadband have not working properly. No proper response by paten telecom Department.

    Kindly do the needful

  66. Hi m pay m bill no:-9463800875 bit my no not activate to outgoing call then i call your customer care nd talk to Mr.Krishan nd ask to help resolve my issue i ask him pls activate my no temporaly basis 72 hrs but he cann’t talk to me properly nd says me”guru ji ap smjh nhe rahe ho” which is way to talking your customer then i ask pls transfer my call your supervisor but he can’nt transfer my call nd disconect my call….
    M very dissapointent your customer care services i want resolustion otherwise i will mail tri nd your higer authority…


  67. Merye pass king george vi ka one quarter anna 1939, tow rupees world food day bio diversity 1993, and 25paise geynda chhap1991 hai in coin ko sell kar na hai in coin ka kyaa Daam milay ga mobail no hai 9424280437

  68. Hello all,

    As someone has already mentioned in the posts above, why does BSNL not post its ‘correct’ contact number on the website? If any one from BSNL team is listening, please update your correct numbers. What is the use of having call centers if you don’t let customers to contact you for any issues??

    A highly unsatisfied customer…

  69. 8890018287 मेरा ये बीएसनल का सिम दो दीनो से ईमर जंसी कोल औनली लीखा हुआ आ रेहा है
    य सिम 4’5 साल पुराना है चलत चलत बंद हो गया

  70. applied for disconnection of landline no 07512479525 on 16 jan 2017 but after laps of 20 days number has not diconnected pl do the needful immedatly

  71. The person who wants to be a victim of mental illness can take Broad Band service. I have closed my Broad Band service on 15-11-2016 due to lack of services. I have pad the dues of Rupees 1648. Still I am getting Telephone Bill. I have requested to give no dues certificate on 18-11-2016, 27-12-2016 and 10-01-2017. But BSNL is unabule to give no dues certificate. Now I am going to ask information about such circumstances under right to service act.

  72. I am using broadband connection of BSNL but I find that it is not working properly suddenly it gets connected and it goes off kindly do the needful. 0761 2620664 is my landline number.

  73. My broadband is not working for last 4 days.
    I have complaint twice for this. Complain no. Is:
    1036419909 and 1015913920. Both complains are showing as resolved but my broadband is not working.
    When they called me after first complain I told them my problem is not solved, still they close case. And did same for 2nd complain.
    Its really irritating and irresponsible behaviour.
    When I ask the same to bsnl customer care executive( senior)
    On 1500 no. They just book another complain.
    And when I asked him(Bhabchand) to provide me phone no. Where my problem get solved he give me two landline No’s. Both are not exist and gsm customer care no. 1503! What a way is this?
    My landline no. Is 0731 2572471.

  74. हमारा टेलीफोन पिछले 4/5 दिन से ख़राब है जिसके बारे मै सम्बंधित कर्मचारियों को हर दिन बताया गया ह अब आपसे निबेधन की मेरे टेलीफोन को सही करबाने का श्रम करें।

  75. Re:-0145 2671528 Landline
    Re:- 0145 2671529 Broad Band dedicated line.
    Both the lines are almost in regulat intervals DISCONNECTED with out any reason.
    Since land line is disconnected there is no way to compain.
    This has been a regular practice.
    To day land line and broad band line were dis connected from 04 AM to seven AM NORMALLY
    lines are disconnected from MIDNIght to 7AM
    Kindly initiate action against contractor and/or exchange in-charge at night duty

  76. Mere Landline No. 0522-2425894 pe bsnl hungama service activate hai ,
    Mane customer suport adhikari se dinank-25/03/2017 ko baat kiya, vahan se hame jo toll free No.praapt hua uas per call karne per mere number per activate service deactivate nahi hui,
    Kripya aap se mera ye anuradhoh hai ki mere Landline No. 0522-2425894 pe activate service bsnl hungama deactivate karne ki kripa kare.

  77. Sir I m from todabhim karauli rajasthan
    I take bsnl broadband connection nd Bsnl service is very bad nd when I call to bsnl exchange then they not give a satisfied ans. Nd when I say that in my modem Internet light not come then they say ki laptop ya computer pe hi WiFi start hota h phn pe nhi so plzzz solve my problem otherwise cut my connection

  78. i am not getting boad band services from 27.04.2017 .I booked complain for same as D.S.L. supply is not availavle to my place. My id no given on sms =1037434077 Still it is not attended so again I booked on toll free no . I was attended by person talled me as the server is not functioning I cannot find the reason for your fault so again I complain today id no given separate means previous one without providing services abolished .my new id is =1037482848 on 03.05.2017. .now what to do .where custormer’e complains are not attended and removed from note

  79. Maine bsnl ka 249 per month ka plan liya Tha aur sath me 49 rs.per month ka landline no.bhi liya Tha. Officer ne muje kaha Tha ki aapka service tax lagkar 500 jyad bill nahi a sakta agar aap landline see koi call nahi karoge tab tak.but Mera bill 2469 rs.aaya sirf one month ka .jabki Maine landline use bhi nahi kiya.isse acha to mail airtel ka wi fi laga no. Is 01745270245 hai.


  81. मेने दी.२३.९.१६ को बीएसएनएल के २५०/- प्लान के ७४९/- जमा किये थे जिसका डिमांड नोट न.००२६९६२८४ ग्राहक न.१०२४०१५३३९ है पर नो फिसिविलिटी के कारण फ़ोन नहीं लगा जिसकी निरस्ती करन का आवेदन मेने २०.१०.१६ को बीएसएनएल, टी टी नगर ऑफिस में दिया था पर जून १७ तक काफी अफसरों से मिलने के बाद भी रुपये वापस नहीं हुए जून १७ मि. राय (मो.न.९४०६९०७६३३) मिले और बोले बिना दोबारा रूपए दिए आपके यहाँ फ़ोन लग जायेगा बस आप फॉर्म भर दे फ़ोन १ जुलाई २०१७ के आस पास लगा था जिसका न.०७५५२६८३७७७ है उसका जुलाई १७ से सितम्बर १७ तक २२००/- का बिल आ गया है जिसमे जो मेने २३.९.१७ को बीएसएनएल में ७४९/- जमा किये थे वो भी जुड़ कर आये है जिसका मेने अभी तक भुगतान नहि किया है इस कारण से मेरा आउट गोइंग बंद कर दिया गया है मेरी समस्या का निराकरन करे की एक नाम से एक ही पते पर दो फ़ोन के पैसे कैसे ले सकते है जबकि एक फ़ोन तो लगा ही नहीं है 9406955123

  82. MY NO 26389431



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