Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Numbers (Toll Free Number & Email Address)

Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Numbers

Contact Airtel Digital TV Customer Care numbers of any region. Airtel Digital TV is part of Bharti Airtel services which also offers best cellular service in India. This post is a complete information on Airtel Digital TV customer care numbers and toll free numbers.  This will help large number of Airtel DTH customer care. Customer support of Airtel DTH offers 24×7 supports in 12 different languages. If you are seeking information on Airtel DTH recharge plans, this write-up is going to help you a lot. The Airtel in terms of services, provides the best entertainment digital services.

You can use the regional Airtel TV customer care numbers to sort out any issue. Users of DTH providers can use our site to get numbers of different providers. We have covered Sun Direct, Tata Sky, Dish TV, Reliance Digital and Videocon D2H numbers. We have also shared contact numbers of other key services. Find here customer care numbers of all major cellular network and broadband providers. Use our site to get customer support contact details and enjoy smooth services.

airtel digital tv customer care

Airtel initiated its Digital TV in 2008 and soon became one of the top providers with best technology. However, complains and issues do arise and customer care numbers are needed at any time. Airtel Digital TV has more than 10 million subscribers which is a large customer base. Hence lots of people are searching for Airtel Digital TV customer care nos. online. This is the reason for sharing this information. If you are also using Airtel mobiles, you should also check Airtel customer care numbers at our blog.

Dish TV D2H Customer Care no

GTPL Digital TV Customer Care Number

Airtel DTH Customer Care Number

All top-notch service providers are allotting toll free numbers for convenience of customers. It allows users to make calls free of charge as many times to resolve their queries. Here are Airtel DTH toll free numbers.

Airtel TV toll Free Numbers

  • 1-800-102-8080 (for all users)
  • 12150 (only for users of Airtel mobiles)

You can just give a missed call on below number to get information on your Airtel Digital TV account.

  • 0-81300-81300

Zonal Customer Care Numbers of Airtel D2H

  • North Zone:   +124 4448080
  • Western Zone :   +20 44448080
  • Southern Zone :  +80  44448080
  • Eastern Zone :    +33 44448080

Tata Docomo Postpaid Customer Care Number

BSNL Broadband Customer Care Number

airtel digital tv customer care

Airtel Digital TV Customer Care No

We already mentioned earlier in this post, Airtel Digital TV offers 24 x 7 customer support in 12 Indian languages. To communicate in your state’s local language, call on below regional numbers.

                State / Region Customer Care Number


Uttar Pradesh 0522 4448080
Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 0755 4448080
Delhi 011 44448080
Mumbai 022 44448080
Assam 08133848080
Andhra Pradesh 040 44448080
West Bengal 033 44448080
Maharashtra 020 44448080
Himachal Pradesh 08628048080
Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Meghalaya 08132948080
Karnataka 080 44448080
Jammu & Kashmir 09596748080
Gujarat 079 44448080
Bihar & Jharkhand 09955148080
Tamil Nadu 044 44448080
Rajasthan 0141 4448080
Orissa 07077448080
Kerala 0484 4448080
Punjab 0172 4448080
Haryana 0124 4448080

Airtel TV Customer Care Email Address

Email addresses are yet another way of communication. You can place your issues and queries by sending Email to Airtel Digital TV Customer Care. Get your required information by email following mail ids:

Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Email Address

Airtel DTH Customer Care numbers will provide information on all its services. The services for which you can call on these numbers are many. They include TV on demand, adding channels, HD channels, HD recorder, packs, demos, Multi TV connection and Pocket TV. It also offers facilities of online subscription and renewal to users at its official site. Keep visiting us whenever you are in need of toll free and helpline numbers of telecom companies. We have brought all contact numbers of internet, mobile network, Direct to Home TV services providers. We have brought numbers of multiple service providers. And you have all customer support numbers at once place. Hope you enjoy best of the services with easy and quick accessibility to all the customer care numbers. Separate Airtel Digital TV customer care numbers for different regions are also listed. This will help users to save their time and efforts. You can easily contact your local Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Support.

Andhra Pradesh  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Arunachal Pradesh  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Assam  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Bihar  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Chhattisgarh  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Goa  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Gujarat  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Haryana  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Himachal Pradesh  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Jammu & Kashmir  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Jharkhand  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Karnataka  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Kerala  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Madhya Pradesh  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Maharashtra  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Manipur  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Meghalaya  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Mizoram  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Nagaland  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Odisha  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Punjab  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Rajasthan  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Sikkim  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Tamil Nadu  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Telangana  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Tripura  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Uttarakhand  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Uttar Pradesh  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
West Bengal  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Andaman and Nicobar Islands  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Chandigarh  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
The Government of NCT of Delhi  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Dadra and Nagar Haveli  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Daman and Diu  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Lakshadweep  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Puducherry  Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Hyderabad Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Itanagar Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Dispur Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Patna Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Raipur Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Panaji Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Gandhinagar Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Chandigarh Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Shimla Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Srinagar Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Ranchi Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Bangalore Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Thiruvananthapuram Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Bhopal Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Mumbai Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Imphal Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Shillong Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Aizawl Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Kohima Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Bhubaneshwar Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Chandigarh Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Jaipur Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Gangtok Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Chennai Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Hyderabad Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Agartala Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Dehradun Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Lucknow Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Kolkata Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Port Blair Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Chandigarh Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Delhi Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Silvassa Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV
Kavaratti Customer care number of Airtel Digital TV

ஏர்டெல் டிஜிட்டல் டிவி வாடிக்கையாளர் பராமரிப்பு எதனையும் தொடர்பு கொள்ளுங்கள். ஏர்டெல் டிஜிட்டல் டிவி என்பது பார்தி ஏர்டெல் சேவைகளின் ஒரு பகுதியாகும், இது இந்தியாவில் சிறந்த செல்லுலர் சேவையை வழங்குகிறது. இந்த இடுகை ஏர்டெல் டிஜிட்டல் டிவி வாடிக்கையாளர் பராமரிப்பு எண்கள் மற்றும் எண்ணற்ற இலவச எண்களைப் பற்றிய முழுமையான தகவலாகும். இது ஏர்டெல் DTH வாடிக்கையாளர் சேவையின் அதிக எண்ணிக்கையில் உதவியாக இருக்கும். ஏர்டெல் DTH வாடிக்கையாளர் ஆதரவு 12 வெவ்வேறு மொழிகளில் 24×7 ஆதரிக்கிறது. நீங்கள் ஏர்டெல் DTH ரீசார்ஜ் திட்டங்களைப் பற்றிய தகவலைப் பெற விரும்பினால், இந்த எழுதுதல் உங்களுக்கு நிறைய உதவியாக இருக்கும். ஏர்டெல் சேவைகளின் அடிப்படையில், சிறந்த பொழுதுபோக்கு டிஜிட்டல் சேவைகளை வழங்குகிறது.

எந்தவொரு பிரச்சினையும் தீர்த்துக்கொள்ள பிராந்திய ஏர்டெல் தொலைக்காட்சி வாடிக்கையாளர் எண்களை நீங்கள் பயன்படுத்தலாம். DTH வழங்குநர்கள் பயனர்கள் பல்வேறு வழங்குநர்கள் எண்களை பெற எங்கள் தளத்தைப் பயன்படுத்தலாம். நாங்கள் சன் டைரக்ட், டாடா ஸ்கை, டிஷ் டிவி, ரிலையன்ஸ் டிஜிட்டல் மற்றும் வீடியோ கான் டி 2 எச் எண்கள் ஆகியவற்றைக் கொண்டுள்ளன. பிற முக்கிய சேவைகளின் தொடர்பு எண்களையும் நாங்கள் பகிர்ந்துள்ளோம். அனைத்து முக்கிய செல்லுலார் நெட்வொர்க் மற்றும் பிராட்பேண்ட் வழங்குநர்களின் வாடிக்கையாளர் எண்ணிக்கை. வாடிக்கையாளர் ஆதரவு தொடர்பு விவரங்களை பெற மற்றும் மென்மையான சேவைகளை அனுபவிக்க எங்கள் தளத்தில் பயன்படுத்த.

ఏదైనా ప్రాంతం యొక్క ఎయిర్టెల్ డిజిటల్ టీవీ కస్టమర్ కేర్ నంబర్లను సంప్రదించండి. ఎయిర్టెల్ డిజిటల్ టివి భారతీ ఎయిర్టెల్ సేవలలో భాగం, ఇది భారతదేశంలో ఉత్తమ సెల్యులర్ సేవలను అందిస్తుంది. ఈ పోస్ట్ ఎయిర్టెల్ డిజిటల్ టీవీ కస్టమర్ కేర్ నంబర్లు మరియు టోల్ ఫ్రీ నంబర్స్ పై పూర్తి సమాచారం. ఇది పెద్ద సంఖ్యలో ఎయిర్టెల్ DTH కస్టమర్ కేర్కు సహాయపడుతుంది. ఎయిర్టెల్ DTH యొక్క కస్టమర్ మద్దతు 12 వేర్వేరు భాషల్లో 24×7 మద్దతును అందిస్తుంది. మీరు ఎయిర్టెల్ డిటిహెచ్ రీచార్జ్ పథకాలపై సమాచారం కోరితే, ఈ వ్రాత-అప్ మీకు చాలా సహాయం చేస్తుంది. సేవల పరంగా ఎయిర్టెల్, ఉత్తమ వినోద డిజిటల్ సేవలను అందిస్తుంది.

మీరు ఏదైనా సమస్యను పరిష్కరించేందుకు ప్రాంతీయ ఎయిర్టెల్ TV కస్టమర్ కేర్ నంబర్లను ఉపయోగించవచ్చు. వివిధ ప్రొవైడర్ల సంఖ్యను పొందడానికి DTH ప్రొవైడర్ల యొక్క వినియోగదారులు మా సైట్ ను ఉపయోగించవచ్చు. మేము సన్ డైరెక్ట్, టాటా స్కై, డిష్ TV, రిలయన్స్ డిజిటల్ మరియు వీడియోకాన్ D2H సంఖ్యలను కవర్ చేసాము. ఇతర కీ సేవల యొక్క పరిచయ సంఖ్యలను కూడా మేము పంచుకున్నాము. ఇక్కడ అన్ని ప్రధాన సెల్యులార్ నెట్వర్క్ మరియు బ్రాడ్బ్యాండ్ ప్రొవైడర్ల కస్టమర్ కేర్ నంబర్లు కనుగొనండి. కస్టమర్ మద్దతు సంప్రదింపు వివరాలు పొందడానికి మరియు నునుపైన సేవలు ఆనందించండి మా సైట్ ఉపయోగించండి.

कोणत्याही क्षेत्रातील एअरटेल डिजिटल टीव्ही ग्राहक सेवा नंबरशी संपर्क साधा. एअरटेल डिजीटल टीव्ही भारती एअरटेल सेवांचा एक भाग आहे जे भारतात सर्वोत्तम सेल्युलर सेवा देखील देते. हे पोस्ट एअरटेल डिजिटल टीव्ही ग्राहक सेवा नंबर आणि टोल फ्री नंबरवर संपूर्ण माहिती आहे. यामुळे मोठ्या प्रमाणात एअरटेल डीटीएच ग्राहक सेवा मदत होईल. 12 वेगवेगळ्या भाषांमध्ये एअरटेल डीटीएचचे ग्राहक समर्थन 24×7 समर्थन प्रदान करते. जर आपण एअरटेल डीटीएच रिचार्ज योजनांसाठी माहिती शोधत असाल तर ही लिहून आपली मदत होईल. सेवेच्या दृष्टीने एअरटेल सर्वोत्तम मनोरंजन डिजिटल सेवा प्रदान करते.

आपण कोणत्याही समस्येचे निराकरण करण्यासाठी क्षेत्रीय एअरटेल टीव्ही ग्राहक सेवा नंबर वापरू शकता. डीटीएच प्रदात्यांचे वापरकर्ते आमच्या साइटचा वापर विविध प्रदात्यांच्या संख्येसाठी करू शकतात. आम्ही सन डायरेक्ट, टाटा स्काई, डिश टीव्ही, रिलायन्स डिजीटल आणि व्हिडिओकॉन डी 2 एच नंबर समाविष्ट केले आहेत. आम्ही इतर महत्त्वाच्या सेवांची संपर्क संख्या देखील सामायिक केली आहे. येथे सर्व मुख्य सेल्युलर नेटवर्क आणि ब्रॉडबँड प्रदात्यांचे ग्राहक सेवा नंबर शोधा. ग्राहक समर्थन संपर्क तपशील मिळविण्यासाठी आणि गुळगुळीत सेवांचा आनंद घेण्यासाठी आमच्या साइटचा वापर करा.

কোনও অঞ্চলের এয়ারটেল ডিজিটাল টিভি কাস্টমার কেয়ার নম্বরগুলিতে যোগাযোগ করুন। এয়ারটেল ডিজিটাল টিভি ভারতী এয়ারটেল পরিষেবাদির অংশ যা ভারতে সেরা সেলুলার সেবাও দেয়। এই পোস্টটি এয়ারটেল ডিজিটাল টিভি গ্রাহক সেবা সংখ্যা এবং টোল মুক্ত নম্বরগুলির একটি সম্পূর্ণ তথ্য। এটি এয়ারটেল ডিটিএইচ গ্রাহকের যত্নের বিপুল সংখ্যক সাহায্য করবে। এয়ারটেল ডিটিএইচ গ্রাহক সহায়তা 1২ টি ভিন্ন ভাষায় 24×7 সমর্থন করে। আপনি যদি এয়ারটেল ডিটিএইচ রিচার্জ প্ল্যান সম্পর্কিত তথ্য খোঁজেন তবে এই লেখার জন্য আপনাকে অনেক সাহায্য করতে হবে। পরিষেবাগুলির ক্ষেত্রে এয়ারটেল, সেরা বিনোদন ডিজিটাল পরিষেবা সরবরাহ করে।

আপনি কোন সমস্যা সমাধানের জন্য আঞ্চলিক এয়ারটেল টিভি গ্রাহক যত্ন সংখ্যা ব্যবহার করতে পারেন। ডিটিএইচ প্রদানকারীরা ব্যবহারকারীদের বিভিন্ন প্রদানকারীর সংখ্যা পেতে আমাদের সাইট ব্যবহার করতে পারেন। আমরা সান ডাইরেক্ট, টাটা স্কাই, ডিশ টিভি, রিলায়েন্স ডিজিটাল এবং ভিডিওকোন ডি 2 এইচ সংখ্যার আচ্ছাদিত করেছি। আমরা অন্যান্য কী সেবা যোগাযোগ সংখ্যা শেয়ার করেছেন। এখানে সমস্ত প্রধান সেলুলার নেটওয়ার্ক এবং ব্রডব্যান্ড প্রদানকারীর গ্রাহক যত্ন সংখ্যা খুঁজুন। গ্রাহক সমর্থন যোগাযোগ বিবরণ পেতে এবং মসৃণ সেবা ভোগ আমাদের সাইট ব্যবহার করুন।

किसी भी क्षेत्र के एयरटेल डिजिटल टीवी ग्राहक सेवा से संपर्क करें। एयरटेल डिजिटल टीवी भारती एयरटेल सेवाओं का हिस्सा है जो भारत में सर्वश्रेष्ठ सेलुलर सेवा भी प्रदान करता है। यह पोस्ट एयरटेल डिजिटल टीवी कस्टमर केयर नंबर और टोल फ्री नंबरों पर पूरी जानकारी है। इससे बड़ी संख्या में एयरटेल डीटीएच ग्राहक देखभाल में मदद मिलेगी। Airtel DTH का ग्राहक समर्थन 12 विभिन्न भाषाओं में 24×7 समर्थन प्रदान करता है। अगर आप Airtel DTH रिचार्ज प्लान की जानकारी मांग रहे हैं, तो यह राइट-अप आपकी बहुत मदद करने वाला है। सेवाओं के मामले में एयरटेल, सबसे अच्छी मनोरंजन डिजिटल सेवाएं प्रदान करता है।

आप किसी भी समस्या को हल करने के लिए क्षेत्रीय एयरटेल टीवी ग्राहक सेवा नंबरों का उपयोग कर सकते हैं। DTH प्रदाताओं के उपयोगकर्ता विभिन्न प्रदाताओं की संख्या प्राप्त करने के लिए हमारी साइट का उपयोग कर सकते हैं। हमने सन डायरेक्ट, टाटा स्काई, डिश टीवी, रिलायंस डिजिटल और वीडियोकॉन डी 2 एच नंबर को कवर किया है। हमने अन्य प्रमुख सेवाओं के संपर्क नंबर भी साझा किए हैं। यहां सभी प्रमुख सेलुलर नेटवर्क और ब्रॉडबैंड प्रदाताओं के ग्राहक देखभाल नंबर खोजें। ग्राहक सहायता संपर्क विवरण प्राप्त करने और चिकनी सेवाओं का आनंद लेने के लिए हमारी साइट का उपयोग करें।

159 thoughts on “Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Numbers (Toll Free Number & Email Address)

  1. sarves is very bad u r providing this number 994963671 the nubr was always swt of nd my id nbr is 3020081939 wen the renival time will be comes that time only u r seding msg in hyderabad you are servies very bad nd u r taking charges more than to sun network one of your agent i spok to her the was tld il slove you are prblem last 3days back i was spok him still will not solve …..very wrast sarves…..

    1. Airtel DTH is one of the worst service
      They blocked my all HD channels from last 5 days
      In spite of giving complaints and registered issue is not solved
      The customer care are stupid fellows and they don’t know how to speak and resolve customers issues
      They simply wash off their hands by telling back end team will call and they are not calling and as well they are giving back end team contact details

      1. Hi,

        I tried to call Airtel but to no avail.

        My Name is Margaret O’Brien ( McCarthy) my Customer Id : 3001162912.

        I Had paid Rs. 500/- through dealer mobile # 09740525862 Transaction ID # 113134129 on the 30th of August 2016, now it is not even 15 days and you send me a message to pay again.

        What is wrong you Airtel people. other TV take 500/- for the month is Airtel special tariff .


      2. Your issue resolved ?? Same is the case with us they are not responding and thy have disconnected our hd channels.. if resolved please help !!
        Thank you

  2. Please do not go for Airtel DTH. Poor service. No instant activation on installation. 121 and 12150 custmer care nos are useless. call reps tries to escape and cut the calls in the midways..This is my personal experience

    1. I also want to say AIRTEL is a very worst network. Their services are very bad in DTH as well as Mobile.
      And their customer care no. To kabhi connect hote hi nahi
      Aadmi prashan hota rehta hai

    1. All Customer Care Representative and Technician of Airtel DTH TV are stupid Fellows. they don’t have the sense how to talk with customer. I Dont want to comment on the (shameless) service of Airtel Dish TV because above comments related to same. Don’t go for Airtel DTH TV connection.

  3. This AIRTEL connection is so boring and All Customer Care Representative and Technician of Airtel DTH TV are stupid Fellows. they don’t have the sense how to talk with customer and their connection is look like a losser…
    I request you to please don’t use AIRTEL DTH connection.. Any enquiry to call me 9455802875

  4. My complain I’d is 54064604 from last one month I’m facing problems with your Airtel d2h everytime I called call center people they making me fool that some one will visit before 7pm today itself nobody turns up yet this is my final request to you please do something with this issue or els you guys are forcing me to post this everywhere like Facebook Twitter etc.. cantact me on 8080240640

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Surendra Sethy, Account No. 3009350858. I am an old customer. I am not getting signal as my dish dislocated by monkey. So I request you please arrange to repair/ correct the location of dish.

    1. MY Name.rajan. This AIRTEL connection is so boring and All Customer Care Representative and T of Airtel DTH TV are stupid Fellows. they don’t have the sense how to talk with customer and their connection is look like a losser…i tell my all friends an relatives do not use airtel

  6. Airtel dth connection was given in offer under less price on purchase of TV, but aitel people are squat over and so drowsy in giving new connection itself which shows the negligence on their part in providing service, very bad response

  7. Customer care executive didn’t know how to behave with customer. I have the phone call recording as discussed. I have a complain regarding setup box problem and the executive behaves like the Airtel is the only other service available in our locality

  8. बहुत घटिया service हे इनकी ओर इतने ही घटिया इनके representative लोग

    1. Arun ji thik bolte ho bhai sabse gatiya service to hai hi haramkhoro ke pass na to call lagti or or bat krte bhi h to betukhi bate krte h

  9. Very very poor customer service,they are not provided any tollfree number for other user who don’t have airtel sim.if u call to customer care some other call.this like it wested up to 20-25 rupees.
    Airtel digital TV very poor customer service…

  10. Airtel service is totally bakwass..specially in north east area Airtel single is very slow.apart from that Airtel servicing is also slow..I call early in the morning for maintain the Airtel single they said that we are coming as soon as possible but now its 5pm still Airtel service not reached in my home..I called him but he never reply. I m searching contact number for Airtel office in Gangtok but didn’t not found any number.. its so pathetic.. WTF Airtel service..

  11. Just giving number is not enough we have complained uncountables times but nobody bothering regarding the negligience behavior towards customer.i have mailed to ther email address recipient mail box is also full so they cant accept the mail .

  12. Since some time, I am not able to watch some of channels. So, I talked to there customer care help line No. 020 44448080. The first time when I called it was Mr. Abul Hasan who attended the call and I was told that an sight Engineer will be send and I have to pay Rs. 150 for sight visit. I insisted to not pay the visit charge as I am already paying subscription charges then he transferred my call to his superior and she (Lady) told me that I would receive a service call from Airtel within 2 hours. No call received but problem was rectified. Again, this problem happened and I rang up the customer care help line no. By the same channel, I reached the 2nd line operator and she (Lady) gave me some tips so that I could corrected the fault my self. But, 2 days latter the same problem appeared (10.09.2016) and I called the customer care no. It was received by Mr. Rishi. He kept me waiting for 10 minutes in pretext that he was transferring the call to his superior and then disconnected the call. After an hour of waiting I again called the Customer care no. It was attended by Mr. Anand and after following the same procedure it was transferred to 2nd line operator, Miss Sumitra. She only repeated the same tune that I have to pay the visit charge to sight engineer. Again I refused to pay the visit charge and asked to connect me to her superior. She told that I will receive a service call within 4 hrs. But haven’t received any such call even after 4 days. Nor the problem has been corrected. Now, I got fade up of all this process and submit my self to there bullying. Now I have got it clear that if I have to watch those channels, I must have to pay whatever they want. Otherwise, they will close the channels they want for as many day like. Pl help.

  13. rajan says
    this airtel connection is so boring all coustomer care representative and they customer care not teling
    proper offer i rechager on (10/09/2016 1month south max pakage they till. so i got masage today rechager befor 20/09/2016 ( in airtel coustomer care bad responsve. so diskineteic they airtel connection i tell all my friends an relatives do not use aittel dth ?

  14. sorry to say but you guys spends lakhs on ads why dont u use them for the customer satisfaction so tht your performance would become promt and quilt for customer .your network for phone is amazing but when it comes for the airtel dth its big zero ..i dont know why i had installed airtel dth may be i have a fond of meeting your executives as in every two month i fond a problem in my dth sometimes for the network sometimes for your cables and yes how can i forget your set top box .you people always drenched my pocket.but now i really think i need to move on from you .if you wanna talk to me then im giving you my id 3011300840 you can find the details about me from id and talk to me if you really care’s for ur customers.

  15. Airtel DTH customer care toll free number and state wise telephone numbers are hopelesss. Very bad experience about the pack price mentioned online recharge and dealer recharge. I never thought that company like Airtel is so useless.

  16. All Customer Care Representative and Technician of Airtel DTH TV are stupid Fellows. they don’t have the sense how to talk with customer. I Dont want to comment on the (shameless) service of Airtel Dish TV because above comments related to same. Don’t go for Airtel DTH TV connection

    .Customer Service And Support –
    – 90 600 98 563

    Any Time This Service Available –

    – – 90 600 98 563

    Customer Service And Support –

    – –

  18. Airtel service poor service any compliant not attended worst organization I feel ashamed for choosing Air Dish TV I request all friends and others do not go for Airtel

  19. i want change my normal pack so please help me i buy new airtel no one guide me.i want tamil channels,animalplanet,tensports,starsports. so please do the needful.
    i.joseph antony raj

  20. Vry vry bad service. Nearly 500 members r gonna change to Tata sky bcoz of vry bad service… no reply or nobody is picking d call always busy.***** Vry stupid connection

  21. Dear airtel,please stop harassing people.I have never been harassed so much in my entire life.stop fooling public.u r loosing a lot of customers on daily basis and if it continues there will b a time you will be forced to shutter down your digital TV business.Because even a tiny hole is enough to drawn a gigantic ship gradually.And your customer service executives are adding to it daily.You must also b knowing that you provide the worst service in the market, I would suggest that kindly hire educated and good customer care
    representatives.Hiring low grade customer care executives will not do much for your cost cutting.Your CCEs think customers are fools n every time they are approached for a problem the either mislead the customers, disconnect the call or close the call without solving the problem.I just can laugh on my stupidity that how could I opt for
    Airtel!A problem arises, I call customer care, an engineer named Rishi (patna- Bihar region) visits and changes the set top box few months ago and since then i have to pay service charges twice a month because exactly after every second week the same problem arises.when customer care is contacted they mislead and try to fool as they know once call is disconnected next time some other executive will pick up the call so they hardly bother.I stay alone and almost my every weekend is wasted in calling customer care for my network problems.Anyways I am going to get another good options available in the market, i will always regret because i opted for Airtel on which i have wasted several thousands rupees in past 2 months some times charge of changing this othertime as a charge of changig that.As customers have a lot of options today u too try to improve your services because public is not fool.They understand your way of making money by imposing nonsense charges.

  22. One of the bad serice ever and customer support is very bad they not give proper answer properly … bad behaviour just now I talk with airtel digital customer support but they are bloody suck not giving answer proper and told me 150 rs for the complaint .

  23. Airtel ग्राहकों को बेवकूफ समझती है plan बता कर रिचार्ज करवाती है और सेवा देने में गांड फटती है।अगर सेवा नही दे सकते तो गांड मरवाने के लीए ग्राहकों को बार बार फोन कर के परेशान करती है।अभी कम्पनी का एक भी दलाल फोन तक रिसीव नहीं करते हैं। हिम्मत है तो हमसे कम्पनी बात करे। तंग आकर ऐसा पोस्ट कर रहें हैं।

  24. Dear

    Please be informed that recently i started a new dth connection of airtel as advised by my friend saying that it provides very good service. Hopefully, i request you to do the needful as i face the trouble for a mistake of the dealer. I am from kannur, kerala, India. And my customer id is 3020775875 and its registered under a wrong number. Actually I told him its under 9633612364 and mistakenly he put 9633312364. Kindly do the needful to get it fixed as soon a spossible as I want to add some more channels for the same.
    Here I attach the pic of the account details for your reference.

  25. Hi,

    My self is Ravi, I am following last 7 days at customer care, I have spoke @ esclation desk, Agents, TL but my concern is not got resolved and always doing wrong commitment. This is really very pathtic service and you are harrassing me last 7 days with wrong commitment.

    My money is also got deducted my account.

    My registered no is – 9999551432

  26. I have not applied any digital tv connection and airtel itself allotted an id no. 302 080 1472 ,for which they are telling that somebody has recommended your name and mobile no..Almost one ago the same thing has been repeated by them. Today again they did it.despite of repeatedly telling by me they are not listening. Though the concerned person on the line assured us that this will not be repeated. But i am not sure whether they will do it again or not. What is this? Why the top management of the company not taking care of soas to avoid the inconvinience caused to the persons with none of their faults?

  27. Hi
    I am sandeep singh sir my airtel connection many time signel problem and again and again restart set up box so please what can i do.

    Sandeep Singh

  28. This is the most pathetic dth service I have ever seen. We took the new Airtel HD box on 11 oct 2016 and it worked for one day, since then it’s not working. Every day I cal Customer care and everyday they give false promises. But issue is still not resolved. I paid 1450 for new connection + 450 rs for monthly rental. If my issue is not resolved by 23rd Oct 2016, I will go with Tatasky even if I have to pay for new set-up box and connection.

  29. Airtel Dth Service is worst bad and customer care talks very bad language n no toll free numbers to talk with customer care

  30. U need to behave properly with ur customers.i feel ur representatives don’t know how to talk.shemless.1 month as tv closed h bad network n customer care k to phone hi nhi lagta kabhi…my customer id is..3013248483

  31. yo should know how to treat customers. If we need a new connection yo ppl respond well but when we face problems yo people are behaving in a bad manner. Stupid people!! don’t do this to us. Seriously one hell of a network yo are. Have yo got a proper customer care number atleast???

  32. What the hell is going on with this Airtel D2H.. i have complained for several time but no genuine response i got from the customer service center, are they so irresponsible or doesn’t understand the problem. i really got irritated with them.

    MY REGD. CONTACT No. 08762134713
    CUSTOMER No. 3005738301

  34. The worst and irresponsible people in service. They do not care their customers. They treat customer like fool. I had very bad treatment from them for relocating my digital connection. No time sense.
    Dear Customer, your Ref. no. 56293696 for Relocation

  35. Problem is because you hire educated but low IQ, idiotic,dumb,senseless,mannerless local airtel DTH providers who will definitely bring you down soon!!

  36. Very very bad and poor response from airtel digital tv. Service is very bad. I’m following to customer service department from last 4days but they are not responding. Also customers care department have no senior managers. Also local authorities like a gangster. My mobile number is 8087127384 please call me.


  38. airtel dth
    your services are very bad
    i have just called to customer care no . for – change my plan
    just now u should change it
    otherwise i should take the action on your company
    customer id 3021014833

  39. I’m ur customer but not satisfied with your service & packages. Please provide me the most effective regional channels.

  40. Dear Concern,

    Im Niranjan from ballari still now am not airtel DTH subscriber but last 4 months i received so many calls, massage from airtel DTH service. so kindly remove the my Mobile No:9663567277

    for your reference airtel DTH ID:3008657033

  41. Airtel Dth have worst customer care in the world because just now i spoke with any stupid Muttu he doesn’t have knowledge about tv how its work and these people are not have little bit of sense to solve customer problems so i recommend the customers to do not go for airtel DTH

  42. Hi,
    I am pondurai and my Customer ID:3009722882,A/C Balance:Rs188.53,Validity:28-DEC-2016,Plan:South Super Value Prime,Monthly Charges(Rs243),Base Pack(Rs243),Last Recharge amount/Date:Rs200,06-DEC-2016,Connections:1
    But there is no tamil channels comming yet, what’s wrong explain or subscribe immediately …

  43. लास्ट तीन दिन से मेरा सर्विस बंद है
    मैने कस्टमेर केअर में फोन किया कोहिबी रेसपोंस नहीं दे रहा है तुम्हारा सर्विस 1 नंबर घटिया है
    मेरा सर्विस जल्दी चालू करे

  44. Hi All,
    I have paid for 6 Month’s connection.
    It has been more than 36 Hours that my connection has not been Installed.
    I have customer care numerous times & lodged multiple complaints ie 57304738, however nothing has worked out.
    Whether it is their Sup, Customer Exp, Complaints Dept Or people in the field …. all are Just ensuring that it will get installed, however NOT yet actually executed.
    Pathetic service by these people.
    My Customer Id is 3021480890.
    Ashish Garg

  45. hi this is ananth raju i have my dth network problem so plez sednd ur service boy my contact number is 9164121143 # 93 4th cross j j r narar south bangalore 560018
    yours coustmber

  46. Monday we gave a complaint. No response free you. Often we are facing problem with network no signal. Service is very poor I lodged a complain on Monday till now no one turned up we are planning to move to another dth

  47. Sir from 8day my airtel digital TV has no signal and I have try to call to customer care they are not accepting my call and who have given me the airtel digital TV collection please help me sir

  48. Hi All???????????

    I have 15 days back i have compliant raised, but still not solved my problems, we are not satisfied with your service. please take action. My complaints 57288451. Very very very very very very very very bad service supporting teams??????????????????????????????????

    My Customer Id is 3010665475.
    call me my NO 9840366725

  49. Kisi kaam ki service nhi hai yrr sab faltu hai airtel digital tv me plz koi bhi airtel digital dish mt lena plz plz plz

  50. Airtel digital TV is very poor. The dealer and representatives were very worst. They didn’t pickup the calls.customer care number is always busy.

  51. It is very worst customare care I saw in life ever. thank you! here is your confirmation.
    Thank you. Your digital TV online recharge of Rs 1560.00 is processed successfully.
    Transaction status: Successful , as on 08 Jan 2017
    Transaction ID: 170108108791
    Customer ID/RTN: 3002456399
    Recharge amount: Rs. 1560.00
    I recvd a call from ref id 57860616 contt no 9935520000 on 8-Jan-2107 at 11:27 AM to recharge my a/c with such value and I’ll get 1 year subscription free with my exsisting pack.
    Now as I worried, I payed but bill is adjusted in old outstanding and now my a/c is in nill.

    Kindly see the matter or I will go in consumer court in next 7 working days w.e.of 18-01-2017.

    1. It is very worst customare care I saw in life ever. thank you! here is your confirmation.
      Thank you. Your digital TV online removal of 291 I am calling for removal of channel but they are following problems.
      Very very wrost service given by AIRTEL DIGITAL.

      Customer ID/RTN:3007759803
      MOBILE NO. 997286600

  52. Hi,
    This is Rajesh Nanban and really in my life i ever seen this much worst customer response.
    While speaking they are disconnecting calls. And they are not supporting to resolve problems.
    They simply told “your problem shall be resolved with in 2 hours” like. Upto two days they are using this same word. But still problem not yet resolved.

    I didnot expect from airtel network this much of poor customer response.

  53. Hi
    This is shivaprasad .. This worst service from airtel digital T V . I lodged a compliant on signal lost.. To fix airtel Digital TV in a new place at same home .. 2 days over nobody turned up to fix it customer id 3018972809.. Don’t buy long validity packages.. Airtel digital TV screw your weekends with worst customer service

    Shivaprasad K S

  54. Dear Team

    Last two days tring the airtel customer support but not getting the respond

    did not expect from airtel network this much of poor customer response.

  55. Really horrible service .no transparency in information. .automatically imposing unwanted hidden charges and neither providing problem solving measures free of cost or any direct talk with customer care executives.rather charging money in advertising the company by promotional talks..its unacceptable and k promise to exit from being a customer of airtel d2h. .

  56. Maine 2 machine se recharge nahi karvaya tha Muje airtel ki aur se call aaya aap 220 ka recharge 1 ghante ke andar karva lo aapko special skim me 399 vala familypack 220 me milega mene karvaya lekin is pack me sportka sirf 1 hi channel aa raha he
    galat information di gayi muje

  57. My airtel I’d is 3012538898 last six months ago the set box was not working for that airtel person came and solved that but now same problem repeated set box is not working I am thinking to change the airtel I am not satisfactory with this connection and some channels stoped without informing me and increasing the monthly rent also. And now this setup box is not working please check as soon as possible today

  58. i tried to talk with customer care but no any customer care no available by which i can talk.Very bad serive of customer care, No any response of customer side, and also provided no for customer care not correct.

  59. I am trying to call to customer service number no reply . please all my brothers and sisters we aware of this type of services

  60. This service is worst i worst. they will not bother about customers. if they maintain the same way i am sure company will get shut down after some time.

  61. It is very bad experience with airte
    Ek dam ghatiya kaam krte aur paise bhi sbse jyada lete hai faltu ke paise bolte rehte hai
    Esse garibo se ni chlegi ye dish
    Ghatiya maal lgga ke jaate hai
    1 mahine ke andr he khraab ho gya
    Saale gire hue log airtel wale

  62. Airtel digital TV customer care service was so bad. They are not received call. ..i try more than time.. I really disappointed

  63. Hi


  64. Hi Airtel Team,
    I am Vijay, Account No. 3020004578, I am not getting the signal as my dish TV, please repair ASAP.

  65. P.L.Tandon

    Hi, Aietel Team
    I am Dr.PL Tandon and my Account 3012186213
    I am not getting the signals.Please do the needful at the earliest

  66. airtel digital tv DTH ..not good working ..
    i suggest to all read people plz dont pick #Airtel DTH …so boring ..monthly pack so high & channel quality low…and customer care service no good ..very bad bad bad…..
    i tiard to call customer care …..
    i hate #Airtel Digital tv…..

  67. my airtel tv conxn no 3022238334.from 1/4/17. 1plus 3 connxn. i havepaid 915 on 5 may.again i paid 666 on may 10 as conxn 2-3-4were disconcted. again all 2-3-4 connxn stopped on 6 june.again i recharged on 14 june for tv 2-3-4 no 240+240+150 rs plus 15 rs reconnxn fee total 645 on 14 june as adviced on tall free no. since 16 june again connxn 3022238334–003 is disconnected by company. i paid charge only 2 day ago by it is possible ??????.i paid in toto rs 915+666+645 = 22 2 6 rs for 1+3 connexn in 2 month .and despite that company is making mischiefs and stops connxs despite payments. i am forwarding complain to consumer forum ahmedabad as cheating from airtel tv company, i wants immediate reconnxn and detail of account on my mail id. hard copy to consumer forum paldi bhattha b/h dudhia dairy ahmedabad.380007

  68. What’s up,I check your blog named “Airtel Digital TV Customer Care Number (Toll Free Numbers)” on a regular basis.Your story-telling style is awesome, keep it up!

  69. I”m writing this email with huge frustration and distressed by Airtel digital service.
    I had received call from airtel sales no. 0124 4205667 for HD upgradation with 21 HD channels & base package in 1750 on 11th June morning.
    I had got setup box upgraded afternoon on 11th Jun. Got confirmation call for feedback on services from same no. but nightmare started on 14jun when a/c suspended for low balance.
    Called Customer care executive for complaints I was shocked to know no such offers available.
    It was wrong commitment from external sales and I was informed that they will check and either refund or resume services after rechecked by back end team.
    I had suffering since 14 Jun and not able to saw cricket semifinal and no other program. I had made calls last 8 days to get it refunded or resumed,but nothing seems moving.
    Paid Rs.1750 for HD service with base pack for year and lost simple standard service and suffering for last 8 days.

  70. The audio of the airtel digital TV has been stopped since 4 days nd today is 30th of June. I had complaint about this but a representative came to see what’s the problem then he told that the Set Top Box has to be replaced but nothing had been changed since 4 days.
    Whenever I make a call to the no. which was provided through sms he just tell hello and when I tell my name he just hung up the call and then after he doesn’t pick my call nor reply me. They just make a sms in the morning and after no call nothing they do

  71. I am an existing, satisfied and Bonafide Airtel customer for around 15 yrs. I am a regular and orthodox user and supporter a of Airtel services and have been 5 Airtel Mobile numbers and two digital boxes for quite a long time. I am using Airtel digital TV ( customer id: 3000045977) from the initial launch of the product , way back in 2007 or so. You can check my related accounts registerd to my phone numbers 9831112116 and 9831728399.

    I had lodged a complain stating my primary set top box bearing the customer id 3000045977-001 is not working (I discovered this problem after I came back home after a gap of 3 months). The representative came and replaced the HD+ box with a compatible swap box ( different from my original box and looks used) and charged an amount which I cleared immediately. But, after they left, I found that the number keys of my remote is not working which they have overlooked and not checked thoroughly during their service visit. I personally called the engineer who had visited and requested him to look into the matter but he didn’t turn up in the next 4 days even after repeated complaining.

    Next, I again call the customer care centre and relished the complain in reference to the old complain number and was promised a free service excluding the product cost. The engineer/ representative came and said that the remote has some problem and needs to be replaced. I requested him to replace with a Swap/Compatible remote or the actual remote of the model of the replaced box on the previous day. They said that it can not be done for which I said that I am not ready to buy a new remote worth 220₹.

    Now, they played a game and in my absence was doing something with my remote. Next when I came back , he suddenly asked me whether I have a multi connection on this number and asked me to check whether the other TV is working or not . As I came to the other room to check, he followed me and gave a call to some number and asked him to generate something ( I didn’t get the technical point). Immediately, a number came on my TV which was connected to the SECONDARY BOX (300004597-002), where it was written “if satisfied share with engineer”. He immediately noted this number and dictated to the other side over phone and mentioned that customer is not willing to pay. When I inquired why the number came to the other box though the complain was the primary box, both the representative started becoming aggressive.

    Now, I request you clarify my doubts:
    1. Why did the representatives not check the remote at the first service when the box was replaced?
    2. Why did the representatives did not turn up when immediately notified? Were they waiting for the 76-7 days of free service period to get over?
    3. If the box can be replaced with a Swap/ Refurbished/ different model of box; then why the remote can not be replaced with a refurbished/ swap /compatible remote or even why there is no provision for repairing?
    4. Finally, what made the representatives in the second visit enforced for the number which was to be shared on customer’s discretion.? HOW DID THAT NUMBER CAME IN THE SECONDARY BOX 3000045977-002 , THOUGH THE COMPLAIN WAS MADE FOR THE PRIMARY BOX 3000045977-001.?
    5. Why should the engineer ask me to check the working of the secondary box and then follow me to the bed room and show concern for the other connection and try to collect the number?

    Please try to answer my questions and relieve me from my doubts. I always feel it my responsibility to notify you with my doubts and problems so that you may strive to give the best service and win hearts. My concern for Airtel products and it’s service will prevail. If you feel it was a negligence or a truck or misdeed from the engineers and the responsible service centres at Howrah serving pin-711106 area., then please try to rectify.

    Finally, if possible, try to repair my remote or replace it with a SWAP/ SECO DHAND / COMATIBLE/ RWFURBISHED REMOTE as it was done with my box.

    Thanking you,
    Dr. Soumya Santra
    Partha Santra

  72. Sir i am from maharashtra i want to get start my airtel digital set top box i just contact your given customer care no. But no one replay me plz guide me my id 3010295281

  73. I neeraj Srivastava having airtel digital dish TV connection no3007495557 at jhansi up East on 29th June my set shows no signal I contact airtel office they said your settop box will be change I do agree with them and pay rs 350/-for changing amount but the same day its again show no signal I complained many time so today 11/07/2017 they came and take away my settop box I feel very harship of airtel dish TV please helpme for my problem.

  74. Can I divert towards another TV broadcaster it is totally disgusting listen airtel dish TV please helpme for sought out my problem my id is 3007495557 at jhansi up East region.

  75. I am one of your Customer & was pramoter but recently i have been cheated by your representative who took Money & went away Bill Number 5491 Dated 16.07.2017.
    I am highly Disappointed as the problem (Error Code B001) for which the call was registered & after replacing setup box the same problem Persisting…..
    I want my Original Setup Box to be Fix with due Penalty of Rs 5000 as this is a case of Cheating.
    If the same not resolved by tomorrow before 8AM then i will go legally

  76. Even I got bad experienced with Airtail DTH services I logged a compaliant and they had provide me notification message in that they mention one phone number saying that call for any assistance however that number was swithoff and when contacted with customer care they told me that may number was swithoff of due to personal issue they why they are giving such numbers very poor service.This will change when JIO DTH services will come I request all people who are facing issues with Airtail DTH change it so their eyes will open

  77. Dear Prosperous and Valued Consumers, it is my sincere advise to all of you, after going through all of your ordeal grievances, please file individual Cases before your District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums high lighting all of your problems encountered by each, the fees/subscription/Misc etc., expenses paid to the Coy, it cost you very minimal of 200 to 400 as court fees, you shall claim of min Rs.50,000/- compensation on various grounds, especially the recklessness of the notorious staff, mental agony, financial loss– ALL DUE TO ‘DEFICIENCY IN SERVICE’ & UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICES.
    M N Rao, Advocate

  78. Dear sir i can not activated ala carte pack on my airtel tv 3022146380-001 mu regesterd mobile no.9045497579
    The chanales are not selected so please help me

  79. July 28, 2017 at 8:05 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dear sir i can not activated ala carte pack on my airtel tv 3022146380-001 mu regesterd mobile no.9045497579
    The chanales are not selected so please help me

    My name is KN.Kannappan My Airtel Digital TV Connection No.3022788117 and my Cell No.8870919555 I wish to inform you that I have already setup Box connection one year offer in our TV. I have paid Sum of Rs.3,100/= now I have New HT Setup Box past one month I have paid sum of Rs.600/= this Setup Box not suitable in our TV our TV old LG Brand shown pitcher very bright and over the sound at the time of TV opening. This matter already inform to your Madurai, Tamilnadu office do not response till date. I Request you to kindly connect our Old setup Box then remove and take your new HT setup Box in our tv. Kindly arrange to return sum of Rs.600/= at the earliest and oblige. Thanking you.

  81. Hello Sir/Madam……?
    I want to purchase new AIRTEL DTH Connection how is possible, I’m hereby presently using Reliance Digital BIG TV Service long time but his service very bat not response any problem that why I had looking another service…….? for more detail please send me mail this id [email protected]
    Thank & Regards,

  82. I lost hope because of your network the network is very bad now I will never take airtel services bloody I have fed up with customer care centre will never be connected

  83. Ek dum bakwas hai service ye
    Hamesha bolte hai ki 28 days ke liye apka tv chlega, 28 days ka recharge krwana pdta hai par fir bhi sirf 14 din tv chalake band krdete hain. 10 ya 11 tarik se hi tv main aane lg jata hai ki 5 din bad tv bnd ho jayega balance kam hai jabki humne 28 days ka recharge krwa rkha hota hai. Ye service toh logo se acha paisa lootne main lgi pdi hai ab kya mahine main do do bar recharge krwata rhega
    Paisa khane ka acha tarika bna rkha hai inhone. Bilkul bekar service hai airtel dth ki. Aur inki service ki trh inke representatives bhi bekar hai. Shi se bat tak nhi krte tameez hi nhi hai. Bat krte krte toh phone cut krdete hain aur baat krte hain toh badtameezi se krte hain.
    Apne aap hi recharge ke packages change kr rhe hai.

  84. The worst service provider for dth…
    Digital TV ID 3015256450. I had raised the complain on 27th July 2017 complain no 63606596 without contacting me they closed the complain. I called on 29th July 2017 they told me u will be contacted by engineer within 4 hrs. I receive a new sms complain no 63659005 n engineer will contact shortly…again no call or no visit. On 2 August I again call to take feedback on my complain they r asking me is it complain still pending… Ok it complain will be resolved n I get a new sms with new complain no 63829532.. On 5th August I can call back to ask any my complain again same and and again new complain no 63946286. On 8th August today I call to ask any my complain again new complain no64024256. And today at last when my engineer comes he checks tv and says it set-top box is faulty at that time my tv was working and after he installs the new set-top box n when we chk again then at time tv did not start. And without checking he is asking me to pay for set-top box Rs.850.00 after installing new set-top box he damages my tv and is saying to pay me the charges for it. How can anyone pay with checking and till the problem is resolved. And worst part his representative behaves so badly talks so roughly does not have any manners to behave with customers. First of all they don’t provide service properly without attaining the complain closed the call. Then without solving the complain over charge the customer. I recommend pls don’t use airtel dth service.

  85. sir mera c/id 3016977149 hai
    jis par recharge offer ₹220 06-08-2017ko diya tha lekin abhi tak offer activate nahi hua or na hi wale koi help kar rahe hai help me

  86. Our Airtel dth setup box is complaint and a technician came to our house telling that the box has to be replaced. It has been more than 1 week and now the technician is hanging up the call while asking about this.
    We are following ot up every day but every day they are telling that it will be delivered by tomorrow.

    The technician name is Dominic 9037104416


  87. Customer Issue – Horrible service experience…pathetic response from Airtel DTH various officials and your authorized service provider company KITSCHY CORPORATE MARKETING SOLUTIONS, Sansar Compound GT Road Shahadara Delhi, there Service Executive Shiv Kumar threatening me after my complaint, No one rosolve the issues & no one help the customer. Can you suggest me WHY?? I will recommend you to all my relatives.
    Om Gee
    Airtel digital TV 3011726444 -001
    Reference no 1027949021
    mobile No – 8527575996
    I don’t know where you adjust my paid money, after your rude behavior i have done another recharge of 300/ on the yesterday.
    Till Now my TV showing “your account is suspended due to low balance Error Code -6
    Sir No one help the customer in Airtel They makes the Money & crying customers .

  88. very high charges.
    ref no 64569054
    Due to LNBF problem picture was not coming, paid 300 for LNB & 150 visiting charges extra.\
    When searched in internet, the airtel charges for LNB chances is only 160 INR
    No cash memo provided by airtel Engg
    Really absurd, do not take airtel connection,

  89. Last three months I am lodging complaint at customer care that I am not getting Zee Marathi HD Channel. Contacted several times by phone and by email. Only assurance was given that the problem will be resolved by evening. But nothing happened. I think Airtel created FAKE Customer care centre to fool the customer. Further I would say that the company is junk of idiots.

  90. My customer ID is 3019216482 .I have recharged my account on dated 22 August 2017 by rs.560 through Airtel app but still I am not getting any type of cash back as per your offer and Airtel customer care not ready to help me he is making fool to me

  91. Sir mera register sim card kho gya h air mujhe 8271133348 is no. Ko registered krna tha , aaj mujhe star sport TV chenal chalu krwana please other no. Se call Kaiser krna h bataye

  92. Airtel DTH ID 3010842642. I request each & every people of India to please stop buying Airtel products. Its products are third grade & of worst quality. The service is absolutly of zero performance. Airtel charges very high price n doesn’t care about giving service to customers. Don’t buy any Airtel products. Its a fraud & cheating industry. Please don’t waste ur hard earned money on such stupid & careless firm. There are many of them cheated by Airtel. Be cautious & carefully by such bogus industries. There are many reputed companies so join them who care for their customers.

  93. Dear Airtel digital tv team,
    I am unable to see many channel since yesterday(last recharge) like life ok and other movie channel.Airte(01206240319,01206240300 and 01206240203) called me many time and force me to recharge the digital tv Rs.1199 and get one year validity with same channel and same pack.
    finally i agree to recharge the setup box and after recherche i found that some channel not in my current pack.I am very disappointed with Airtel, seriously saying I don’t want your service as I’m fed up with your fake promises. refund my amount in my account otherwise please activate my old pack with one year validity.

    ID -3009344522
    Ajit Singh

  94. Gmail
    Sent Mail
    DTH activation and installation.

    Harisha M
    to dthnodal.kk
    1 hour agoDetails
    Sent Mail
    DTH activation and installation

    Harisha M
    to digitaltv
    2 minutes ago

    I have purchased TV last year in Metro shop and with that I got Airtel dth with some diacount. Later they have installed dth and they didn”t activated the DTH, I have called multiple times for activation they said they will activate it. After some days that number was not exist.

    After some days I moved to different state, so I didn”t called then again for activation. Now I am back and I have lost that person contact number.

    I called customer care, they are asking money for activation.

    Please activate airtel DTH and install the DTH, I am ready to pay insatallation charge.

    Card No: 000391699295
    Mobile No: 9880948485

    Its been two weeks no one is helping, I called customer care and I have sent mail, but no one is helping me for activation and installation. So please help me in this regards.


  95. Hi,

    I have purchased TV last year in Metro shop and with that I got Airtel dth with some diacount. Later they have installed dth and they didn”t activated the DTH, I have called multiple times for activation they said they will activate it. After some days that number was not exist.

    After some days I moved to different state, so I didn”t called then again for activation. Now I am back and I have lost that person contact number.

    I called customer care, they are asking money for activation.

    Please activate airtel DTH and install the DTH, I am ready to pay insatallation charge.

    Card No: 000391699295
    Mobile No: 9880948485

    Its been two weeks no one is helping, I called customer care and I have sent mail, but no one is helping me for activation and installation. So please help me in this regards.


  96. Please let us know if you have any Gurbani Channels in infinity package if not please arrange to show us

  97. वाकई मैंने अप्रैल में ये सुविधा ली पर इतनी परेशानी होगी पता नहीं था, अगर आप देहरादून उत्तराखंड से है तो प्लीज ये कनेक्शन लगवाने से पहले एक लाख बार सोचें, क्योंकि अगर कोई भी प्रॉब्लम होगी तो आप कॉल करते रहे जाएंगे और बस परेशान ही होते रहो।बहुत ही बेकार सर्विस है,फ़ोन करो तो सर्विस चार्ज 150/ लेंगें बोलकर फिर से फ़ोन ही पिक नही करते।अगर रेंट पर नही रह रहे होते तो आज ही कोई दूसरा विकल्प देखती।पर बार बार दीवार तो नही बिगाड़ सकते दूसरे की।

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  99. Hello my customer ID:3003489916
    Problem is signal are lock please help
    Showng error code B001
    So I tried to reset then the signals lost and showing signal lock

  100. Hi,
    I m hetal ..ur customer care not customer ID is-3009285652..Nd register mobile no is 9913766043.ur services is very bad..I have recharged on 28th August 2018 in rs -250..Nd still today is out of low balance’s 1month only 20days in out of service..kindly confirm me on that number.

  101. Airtel customer care very bad service to East zone. I have last call 3 days but not calling . My airtel DTH ID number has not known .what can I do

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