I am a Service Delivery Manager working in the BPO industry in Mumbai. When I’m not driving my teams and reviewing their performance, I write about topics that are close to my heart. Occasionally, you may catch me watching the latest, high-profile Bollywood movie in town!

Hello and welcome to India’s number 1 customer helpline portal – India Customer Care.

In the year 2004, I arrived in Mumbai with a degree in Commerce from Pune University. Like many others who have migrated to Mumbai from smaller cities, I found the going extremely difficult. The city that never sleeps has its way of putting to test every dream you’ve ever harboured. It was while I was working through my challenges and managing my daily life that I stumbled upon a basic need that was begging to be addressed.

The city gives you access to nearly every service you could ever need – banks and ATMs, cell phones and seamless internet connectivity, hundreds of television channels, shopping malls, restaurants, cab services, etc. However, there is no easy way to obtain contact numbers and addresses to all of these services. Earlier, there were telephone directories, but imagine lugging around a huge book full of contact numbers.

That’s when I realised the need for a single, easily-accessible resource that could get me through to the customer care department of the service I needed. This is the primary goal of our website, iCustomercare.

About iCustomercare

iCustomercare.in allows you to find solutions and resolve your queries simply by referring to the customer care numbers provided on our website. We’ve covered nearly every industry and service provider available, and are adding more every day. In addition, we update all contact details regularly to ensure that we’ve got our data up to date. No more directories to wade through, and no more incorrect and changed numbers and addresses that lead nowhere.

With over a decade’s experience in the customer service industry, I understand the need to consistently provide a great end-user experience. iCustomercare was instituted with this same objective in mind. My hope is that you will use iCustomercare frequently as a one-stop resource for all your customer care contact requirements.

If you have any questions for us, please let us know. We would love to hear from you. More than anything else, your feedback would help us grow our service and make it better than it already is.

Thank you, and have a pleasant stay on our website.:)